Welcome to our Indoor Ice Rink Facilities

Below is a list of our indoor rinks:

Hespeler Memorial Arena (Twin Pad) - 640 Ellis Rd. W. (offering summer ice)
Galt Arena Gardens - 98 Shade St. (offering summer floor use)
Preston Memorial Auditorium - 1458 Hamilton St. (closed for upcoming construction)
Karl Homuth Arena - 1407 Hamilton St. (offering summer floor use)
Dickson Centre - 30 Parkhill Rd. W. (offering summer floor use)
Duncan McIntosh Centre - 200 Christopher Dr. (offering summer floor use)

Visit Indoor Public Skating page for info and registration

 Check before you Rec:

  • All indoor users should book their time slot in advance. 
  • Do not enter if you are not feeling well.
  • Face coverings are not required.
  • Hand sanitizer is still available upon entering the facility.
  • Observe all posted signs.
  • Where possible enter the facility “as best dressed to participate” in your program.
  • Dressing room areas are still potential high risk areas, and should be used wisely with this in mind.
  • Changerooms are available; still consider limiting your time within them. 
  • Showers are available for use; but again limit your time of use if possible.
  • Please respect any staff direction or guidance when at the building; it is for everyone's safety!

Rink Board Advertising

Are you looking to promote your local teams, or enhance your business profile within the community?

Our arenas have a many advertising spaces available on our rink boards at seven ice pads. 

To speak with our account representative, contact Brandon by phone at 905-470-7465 or email brandon@futuresign.ca 

The City of Cambridge owns and operates seven indoor ice surfaces, and a number of volunteer-run outdoor ice rinks. 


Outdoor Ice Rinks

Thank you to the volunteers who waited to maintain our outdoor rinks!

The City of Cambridge has volunteer-run outdoor natural ice rinks, offering great activities for the community to enjoy. These rinks are subject to availability based on the weather conditions and volunteer interest in supporting them. No artificial refrigeration is available, and the conditions must be consitently cold enough to establish a safe and usable rink. The delayed start to winter the year has meant that no outdoor rinks were able to fully operate this early part of 2023. 

Find rink status and hours

Planned rink locations for late Dec. 2023

Angewood Park - 120 Angela Cr.

Churchill Park - 255 Water St. S. (West entrance)

Domm Park - 55 Princess St.

Lincoln Park - 65 Center St.

Lions Can Amera Park - 355 Saginaw Pkwy.

Riverside Park (Kinsmen Stadium area) - 1935 Rogers Dr.

Victoria Park (Hespeler) - 66 Fisher Mills Rd.

Rink Rules

  • Helmets are recommended on the ice at all times.
  • Users must be off the ice no later than 10 pm.
  • Refrain from contact in any play.
  • Please stay off the rinks when they are being flooded, or when they are soft and wet to prevent any damage that will delay them from re-opening.

Rink Use Schedule

Time of use may vary slightly by rink location. A few locations plan to have two separate ice surfaces. Each to be signed; one is for stick and puck play only and the other for recreational skating only.

For further information please email prc@cambridge.ca