Policies are a foundation of good governance. Our Policy Library promotes awareness, transparency, and accountability and serves as a convenient reference for City Council, City administration, and the public. 

Updates are ongoing and occur when a Council policy or administrative directive is adopted, amended or rescinded.*

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A09 ADM 001 - Administration of Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

A09 ADM 002 - Citizen Engagement

Surveillance Cameras in the Cambridge Core Areas 

A09 ADM 029 - COVID-19 Vaccine Policy


Purchasing Sales of Land By-laws

A09 FIN 002 - Development Charges - Credit for Service Agreement

A09 FIN 003 - Development Charge Interest Policy


A09 GOV 002 - Council Recess Signing Authority

A09 GOV 006 - Council Vacancy

Code of Conduct - Council 

Decorum for Public Meetings 

Privacy Policy

Procedural By-law 

Human Resources

Code of Conduct - Employee

A09 HRM 018 - Respirator Program

A09 HRM 019 - Redeployment of Staff during a Declared Emergency

Municipal Services

A09 MUN 005 - Accessibility

A09 MUN 006 - COVID-19 Site Inspection Protocol

Recognition for Arts and Cultural Achievement

A09 MUN 010 - Local Services Policy

*Policies are subject to amendment. Should a discrepancy occur between a Council policy and the version posted in the Policy Library, please contact the City Clerk's Office for the official decision of City Council.