Winter Illumination

Monday November 23, 2020 to Saturday January 2, 2021

Cambridge will be illuminated with up to 20 light installations that will be placed around the City from Nov 23 to Jan 2.  This new addition to the festival combines some of the best-loved features of Phil Kline's Unsilent Night, Candyland and Music and Lights in the Village but without the crowds.  An interactive map will be provided for this self-guided experience.  Installations will be set up in Preston, Galt and Hespeler. Several local artists will be showcasing their work.  

The community is reminded to keep safety top of mind and adhere to pandemic guidelines on gathering and social distancing.

Use the online interactive map which highlights all the displays across the city, to plan your own route.

Winter Illumination Map

 Artist installations


Artists: F_RMlab

Location: University of Waterloo, School of Architecture, 7 Melville Street South

Artist Biography:  F_RMlab is student-led initiative comprised of graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo, School of Architecture. As a design and research collective, our work engages in advanced computational design tools in support of new paradigms for public spaces where dynamic interaction, social responsiveness, regenerative materials and systemic resilience are integral goals in building.

Leadership: Adrian Chiu, Christopher Hardy, Carlo Rosel, Juliana Jiang, Peter Kwak, Alexandra Yeung and Cynthia Eng

General Members:Lena Mariella Von Buren, Samantha Kerry, Rebecca Kempe, Violeta Michailova, Tori Chiu, Cindy Jiang, Joel Wan, Shanze Shahbaz, Alena Sloan, Shinyoung Seo, Levi Herman Van Weerden, Nicole Kondratovits, Ruth McGuire, Daisy Zhang, Rie Koay and
Winston Yew 

Cambridge Installation Crew: Thanh Tran, Isabella Radusinovic, Sophia Chalk, Matthew Lam, Adri Saha and Samuel Correa

Installation Description:  The studio at the School of Architecture seems to be a place that never sleeps, from students working late, activity at the Riverside Gallery, and Meville’s bustling regular fare inject life into the wonderfully quiet community of Galt.  In order to bring back life to the school, Aura allows for safe and creative ways to let the residents interact with the School of Architecture building again.

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Visual Fabrics 

Artist: Gareth Carr

Location:  Fashion History Museum

Artist Biography:  Gareth Carr is a Cambridge born freelance film and TV set Builder and Jack of all trades. In the past he has brought high tech gadgets to the street level for our Unsilent Night guests to enjoy. This year is no different as he rigs up one of our local buildings to become a multi dimensional tesseract of sorts!

Installation Description:  Gradients of colour and patterns of light chase across the windows of the Hespeler Fashion History Museum, dancing across the buildings in unison.

Sponsored by: Cambridge Arts Guild logo    fashion history museum logo

Can you see what I feel?

Artist: Gary Kirkham

Location: to be announced

Artist Biography: This is Gary Kirkham's 5th collaboration with students from the W. Ross Macdonald School for the Blind. Gary is an award winning playwright and installation artist. He has created numerous art installations including Transformed Though Touch (The Idea Exchange) The Sand Pendulum Performance (Cambridge Galleries) Queen Victoria with Krzysztof Wodizcko (CAFKA) He has created video designs for UnSilent Night, The MT Space, Randolph Academy, Canadian Arab Theatre, Cactusbloem (Belgium), Night Shift, and Greenlight Arts. He was the Resident Video Artist at the Idea Exchange. Gary has authored several plays including Falling: A Wake, Queen Milli of Galt, Pearl Gidley, Rage Against Violence (with Dwight Strorring) He is an artistic associate with the MT Space and has worked in collaboration as a Playwright with the company on several shows including AMA, Body 13, and The Last 15 Seconds.

Installation Description:  Walk through a Light Tunnel covered with over 4,000 programmable lights. The light show was created by students from W. Ross Macdonald School for the Blind. Come and see what they feel. Thanks to assistance from Trevor Waurechen, Johnny Camara, Sandra Dunn and Carolyn McCluskie.

Sponsored by: downtown cambridge bia logo     City of Cambridge Diversity & Inclusion Division

Be a Shining Light Unto Others

Artist: Joe Lethbridge

Location: The W, YWCA Cambridge, 20 Dickson Street, Unit 101

Artist Biography:  I am a lifelong resident of Cambridge and a multimedia artist. It is my hope that this event and the artworks selected bring a smile to residents and those who may venture from other towns and cities. I was a past participant in 2017 and 2018 Unsilent Night . From May to September of 2019, I was co-artist in residence with Janice Barlow in the BRIDGE Architecture/Cambridge Galleries events "Common Waters" In 2018 I was a recipient of Arts Connect Cambridge grant which allowed me to have my first solo exhibition of photography entitled "High Anxiety-Photography from the Edge " For several years I was visual artist or literary/communication artist in the Cambridge Celebration of the Arts. I was accepted four years in the Cambridge Centre for the Arts Juried Exhibitions.

Installation Description: Through this installation see the colour, beyond all the grey that is COVID and in some way, shine a light onto others.

Sponsored by: ywca logo the W logo

Spirit of the Season

Artist: Trevor Waurechen

Location: Idea Exchange, Queen's Square, 1 North Square

Artist Biography:  Trevor Waurechen is a multidisciplinary artist based in Kitchener-Waterloo. After more than a decade as a commercial illustrator, Trevor turned his attention to more personally-driven projects as a cartoonist and printmaker. As other media, including paint and sculpture found their way into Trevor's Repertoire, he immersed himself deeper into the world of fine arts, leaving commercial work behind. Now, working primarily in light and technology-based installation, Trevor has created interactive works for several festivals and exhibitions including LUMEN, NIGHT\SHIFT, Unsilent Night and more.

Installation Description: The holiday season is often a scramble. Too much to do, too little time, done too soon. Sometimes we need to stop and reflect on our own activity. Here we see our own holiday bustle, writ large before our very eyes.

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Light features and installations 


Queen's Square Christmas Tree

Location: Centennial Fountain in Queen’s Square

Thanks to: Ingold Tree Service, Sousa Concrete, Ayr Crane, City of Cambridge & Downtown Cambridge BIA and the Queen’s Square Tree Committee

Craig's Crossing (Pedestrian Bridge)

Location: Downtown Cambridge

Offering exceptional views of the Grand River and a convenient active transportation option, the new pedestrian bridge is a beautiful and functional landmark addition to the downtown. 

Old Post Office Projection

Location: 12 Water Street South

Old Post Office Winter Projection runs Thursday – Sunday,  7 to 9 pm (plays every half hour)

Illuminated CAMBRIDGE letters

Location: Cambridge City Hall, 50 Dickson Street 

Cambridge City Hall Lights

Location: Cambridge City Hall, 50 Dickson Street

Dancing Tree

Location: Cambridge City Hall, 50 Dickson Street

This tree responds to sound.  Stand under it and clap your hands or play music then watch the lights change.

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Location: Chamber of Commerce, 750 Hespeler Road

Enjoy this heartfelt photo opportunity with this illuminated giant heart.

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Great Canadian Artist's Mural

Location: Cambridge Centre for the Arts, 60 Dickson Street

Painted by Michele Jones and illuminated by Gareth Carr



Central Park

Location: 615 King Street East

Enjoy walking through the multiple light displays that fill Central Park.  

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Through the Glass

Location: Idea Exchange Hespeler, 5 Tannery Street East

A larger than life snow globe, set against the architecturally stunning Idea Exchange, Hespeler building.


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Hespeler Town Hall 

*installation coming soon*

Location: 11 Tannery Street East

Walk through the magical trees at Hespeler Town Hall.

Sponsored by: hespeler village bia

Jacob's Landing Waterfall and Walk Through Ornament 

Location: 49 Guelph Avenue

Capture a magical photo moment underneath the walk through ornament with the beautifully lit up waterfall as the backdrop. 

Jacob's Landing Park

*installation coming soon*

Location: 30 Milling Road 

Enjoy the pergola decorated in lights.


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