Preston Memorial Auditorium Expansion Design

Project overview

The project outlines the twining of the Preston Memorial Auditorium and associated amenities, approximately 35,000 square feet. The construction will include improvements to the existing change rooms and ice resurfacing room. The existing Parks Services building will be demolished to accommodate the new addition to the arena.

Photo Gallery: Preston Aud Expansion will appear here on the public site.

Progress to date

  • City received 10 consultant submissions in response to the Request for Proposal. 
  • The submissions were reviewed by the selection committee and the three highest ranked companies were invited for interviews.
  • The selection committee then recommended the highest ranked company.
  • The Sustainable Design and Development Division prepared the interdepartmental recommendation to award the contract to the selected consultant.
  • The consultant has been selected. 

Upcoming work

  • Finalize procurement process with successful consultant 
  • Start schematic design 

Contact information

Steven Ruffini
Architectural Technologist
519-740-4685 ext 4609