Preston Memorial Auditorium Expansion Design

Project overview

The project outlines the renovation and twining of the Preston Memorial Auditorium and associated amenities, approximately 71,000 square feet including new and renovated areas. The construction will include improvements to the existing change rooms, ice pad, ice resurfacing room and other amenities and the addition of a new NHL size ice pad, seating, changerooms, washrooms, multipurpose and office space. The existing Parks Services, Gymnastics and Club/Storage buildings will be demolished to accommodate parking and the new addition to the arena.

Based on the current schedule it is expected that construction will begin in the Fall 2023 and will take approximately 2 years  for completion.

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Progress to date

  • Architects Tillman, Ruth, Robinson were contracted to complete the design.
  • Significant public consultation has been completed to date.
  • In December 2021, Council endorsed Option C - new twin pad arena with extensive renovations to the existing building.
  • In July 2022, Council approved the schematic design.
  • Site Plan Approval underway
  • Building Permit underway
  • Demolition works underway
  • Construction tender underway

Upcoming work

  • Site Plan Approval
  • Building Permits
  • Tender and award
  • Demolition and construction

Contact information

Lesley Head
Director of Recreation & Culture
519- 623-1340 ext. 4512 

Shane Taylor
Project Manager
519-623-1340 ext. 4567