Bike Your City: Cycling Master Plan is complete and was endorsed by Council on October, 20 2020!  The Cycling Master Plan was developed over five phases through a step-by-step process. This involved:

  • exploring options;
  • speaking with community members and stakeholders;
  • drafting ideas;
  • sharing initial results;
  • gathering and reviewing further community input;
  • refining the content; and then
  • creating a final plan.

Cambridge has a strong network of off-road trails and on-road cycling routes on both municipal and regional roads. The Cycling Master Plan is an update to the City’s 2008 Bikeways Network Plan and 2010 Trails Master Plan. The Plan outlines a series of strategies and actions to guide investments in cycling infrastructure and support programs. The goal is to help make cycling a safe, convenient and attractive transportation choice for people of all ages and abilities.

Thanks for your input!

In 2019, the Bike Your City team was out in the community talking to residents. We heard the community's thoughts on the connections and improvements we need to create a cycling network across Cambridge that suits users of all ages and abilities. In developing the plan, the City consulted extensively with members of the public and key stakeholders. This included many ways for people to share their thoughts: an online engagement hub, collaborative digital mapping, pop-up events, and interactive key stakeholder and community workshops.

Through this process, the City heard from hundreds of Cambridge residents about their vision for cycling in the City.

A few materials can be found here:

Visit our Cycling Page for current routes, events & racks.


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Community Development Department
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