In January 2020, the City began the process of updating our strategic plan, Cambridge Connected. The strategic plan helps to connect the community’s vision and goals with the City’s mission, values and actions. This has been especially important during a period of transition, disruption and reflection during the pandemic.

Based on extensive community engagement beginning in early 2020 and approved by Council in January 2021, the plan reimagines our interconnected goals of People, Place, Prosperity and includes an enhanced focus on the theme of Public Value.

View the full version of the Strategic Plan for more information or explore our Strategic Plan dashboard to see the work underway.

Our Goals

People: Foster a community with heart, where everyone belongs and is cared for

Place: Embrace and celebrate our city’s unique character while enhancing the spaces where people connect     

Prosperity: Build a vibrant and resilient city where current and future generations will live well

Our commitment to Public Value

We will emphasize the importance of sustainability, leadership, collaboration, transparency and engagement as we deliver service excellence and promote pride of place.

For more detailed descriptions of these principles and how they relate to our work, review the full strategic plan document.

Our Process

We developed our Cambridge Connected Strategic Plan in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Understanding where we’ve been (January-March 2020) – This included the City’s first community satisfaction survey, orientation for the project team and Council, and a public launch event at the Old Post Office (Idea Exchange).
  • Phase 2: Where do we want to go as a community? (April-December 2020) -This phase focused on understanding community priorities, using research and new opportunities for virtual community engagement during the pandemic, to identify key themes, goals and objectives that were further explored in Phase 3.
  • Phase 3: Moving forward (January to May 2021) – This phase involved additional consultation to develop strategic actions to address the goals of the plan.

Our Actions

During the engagement process, the City received more than 2,000 contributions. The response from the community shows that the people of Cambridge love their city and want the City to focus on addressing areas of highest impact.

On May 25, 2021 Cambridge City Council approved thirteen new strategic actions that will guide the City’s work over the next several years. These include:

  • Six actions where the City will take the lead, such as creating spaces that offer unique options for people to do and promoting a vibrant community where everyone feels a sense of belonging and pride, and
  • Seven actions that the City will collaborate on with our partners, such as increasing access to social services, increasing housing options, and supporting small businesses.

For more information about the strategic actions, you can review the Cambridge Connected Strategic Plan document or visit our strategic plan dashboard to view our current progress.