Cambridge’s Strategic Plan is our community’s shared vision for the future of Cambridge and we are working on our Strategic Plan 2024-2026. Stay tuned for Strategic Plan updates.

Cambridge Connected Strategic Plan (2020-2023)

The City's Strategic Plan -  Cambridge Connected helps to connect the community’s vision and goals with the City’s mission, values and actions. Based on extensive community engagement beginning in 2020 and approved by Council in 2021, the plan reimagines our interconnected goals of People, Place, Prosperity, applies thirteen strategic actions that will guide the City’s work, and includes an enhanced focus on the theme of Public Value.

View the full version of the Strategic Plan.

Our Goals

People: Foster a community with heart, where everyone belongs and is cared for

Place: Embrace and celebrate our city’s unique character while enhancing the spaces where people connect     

Prosperity: Build a vibrant and resilient city where current and future generations will live well

 Our Actions

  • Six actions where the City will take the lead:
    • Create and activate spaces that offer things for people to do
    • Provide age-friendly services that are accessible to all
    • Establish our core areas as attractive destinations
    • Enhance equity and inclusion efforts
    • Lay the foundation for future community-building
    • Enhance opportunities to enjoy built and natural heritage
  • Seven actions that the City will collaborate on with our partners:
    • Enable small business to succeed
    • Increase housing options
    • Encourage safe and healthy neighbourhoods
    • Improve access to social supports
    • Take action to combat climate change
    • Prepare for emergency prevention and recovery
    • Promote and develop more transportation options

Our commitment to Public Value

We will emphasize the importance of sustainability, leadership, collaboration, transparency and engagement as we deliver service excellence and promote pride of place.

For more detailed descriptions of these principles and how they relate to our work, review the full strategic plan document.

Strategic Plan 2020-2023 Progress Update

For information about the implementation and accomplishments as they related to the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan, view the following reports:

View the 2023 Budget highlights to see the strategic key projects and initiatives that are being implemented in department business plans in 2023.

View the 2022 Year in Review for strategic accomplishments made in 2022.

View the 2021 Year in Review for strategic accomplishments made in 2021.

Community Satisfaction Survey

The City’s second Community Satisfaction Survey was undertaken in March/April 2022 in preparation for the City’s next iteration of the strategic plan for the 2024-2027 period. The survey checked in with our community, determined resident satisfaction and identified areas of improvement with our core services and strategic plan. Below you can view our consultant's reports that includes a review against baseline data from our February 2020 survey.

View the 2022 Community Satisfaction Phone Survey

View the 2022 Community Satisfaction Online Survey.

View the Council Report - Cambridge Connected Strategic Plan Update (6/28/2022) for the Community Satisfaction Survey summary.