Design guidelines related to planning and building help ensure projects meet the City of Cambridge's rules, regulations and standards related to the development in our community.

What is streetscaping?

Streetscaping includes design elements within public areas, such as:

  • Street furniture
  • Lighting
  • Trees
  • Planters
  • Signage
  • Sidewalk paving
  • Curbing
  • Street crossings

What is urban design?

Urban design refers to the small and large elements of built environments. Together, these elements form cities, connect people to public spaces and create functional, attractive and sustainable urban areas.

Streetscaping and urban design guidelines

The City of Cambridge hired consultants to prepare streetscaping and urban design guidelines for our three core areas, including:

These guidelines recognize existing heritage features of our core areas and set goals for infill and redevelopment projects. They also provide direction for future improvements and new development proposals.

The City often leads changes to the streetscape with support from local business and property owners, the Business Improvement Associations (BIAs) and the Core Areas Revitalization Advisory Committee (CARAC).

Industrial design guidelines

The City of Cambridge has Industrial Design Guidelines for developers purchasing industrial land from the City and constructing industrial facilities. Development Covenants and Restrictions registered on title with the sale of land support these guidelines by regulating the use, appearance and maintenance of the property. Email the Economic Development Division, or call (519) 740-4683, to learn more about Development Covenants and Restrictions.

The City's Industrial Design Guidelines benefit local businesses by:

  • Establishing a quality industrial park environment
  • Providing long-term benefits of a well-planned and controlled industrial park location
  • Ensuring long-term compatibility of business and industrial facilities within the City's industrial parks through consistent standards of industrial design
  • Focusing on green, visually pleasing and cost-effective building design and site layout

These guidelines do not replace the requirements of other policies and regulations from other City departments, the Region of Waterloo, and other regional and provincial organizations.

During the Site Plan Approval process, City staff review plan submissions to ensure they meet our Industrial Design Guidelines. This includes reviewing:

  • Building architecture
  • Siting
  • Materials to be used on the building exterior
  • Landscaping
  • Parking
  • Outdoor storage

Need help with your planning?

Thinking about purchasing industrial property in Cambridge? We'd be happy to meet with you to review your proposed site development plans and to help you through the approval process. Email the Economic Development Division, or call (519) 740-4683, to set up a meeting.