Water Meter Replacement Program

Updated:  March 13, 2024

The City of Cambridge has Partnered with KTI Limited to continue upgrading the Cities aging water meter infrastructure.  Water meters need to be replaced after about approximately 10-15 years, there is no cost associated to the residents with this program. 

If you receive a letter in the mail letting you know your water meter needs to be replaced, please book an appointment with KTI Limited at 1-833-543-8807 or make an appointment online by clicking this link www.ktiappointment.com.

KTI Limited employees will require access to your home to install the meter. For a successful installation you must make sure:

  •  Control valves before and after your meter are in working order.
  •  Your meter is accessible and the area around the meter is clean and free of debris.
  •  Someone over the age of 18 is present at the time of the appointment.

KTI Limited employees carry identification, drive KTI Limited marked vehicles, and will only show up at your residence if an appointment has been booked. If you have questions, please call our Service Cambridge at 519-623-1340 or KTI Limited at 1-833-543-8807.


Smart meter  Smart meter


Your water meter is fitted to the pipes servicing your home to measure the water passing through the pipes. The meters are read, and you are billed for water and sewer consumption based on the readings.

The water meter located inside your home measures your water use. The meter device outside your home, called a Smart Point, supplies readings from the meter inside. It is located outside your home, so we do not have to enter your home to read your meter.

Water meters cannot speed up because they cannot physically measure more water than has flowed through them.  However, over time the water may wear down the meter because of friction, causing the meter to record less use -this is always to the customer's favour.

All homes and buildings connected to the municipal drinking water system require a meter. The City of Cambridge is responsible for your water meter. You, the homeowner, own the piping and valves on either side of the meter as well as the water service line from the home to the curb stop. Residents need to ensure that their water meter is always accessible for readings as per city Bylaw 146/03, which states: “Free access shall be afforded to such meters and their connections for authorized employees, their servants or agents, whenever such access is required by such authorized employees in the performance of their duty.”

Image of home and underground infrastructure

Frequently asked questions

Why smart water meters?
New smart meters utilize an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system to provide remote meter reading, data analysis and alerts for possible leaks or flow problems. This real- time data will help ensure bill accuracy, and allows City staff and residents the ability to detect potential issues and avoid unnecessary water costs.
How many smart water meters are being installed? How long will my installation take and will there be a disruption in my water service?

The City is planning to replace 500 meters by the end of July 2024.  Water meters need to be replaced after approximately 10-15 years.  There is not cost associated to the residents with this program.

Installation of a new meter and communication modules is expected to take approximatley 30-60 mins.  The City of Cambridge is committed to insuring the water service interruption is kept to no more than 15 minutes and that the installation is properly completed.  Workers will briefly test the new meter to make sure the meter is functioning and communicating properly.

I’ve booked my installation, do I need to do anything to prepare for the installation?
To help keep everyone safe, the City asks residents/occupants to put dogs and any other domestic pets in a safe place during installation.
How will I be informed when the installation is taking place at my home or business?
A letter will be sent to customers/business owners 1-2 weeks prior to installation in your area. The implementation of new smart water meters are being installed in various phases throughout the City. To keep up-to-date on the progress of installations, visit the City’s website at cambridge.ca/smartmeters
How does the smart water meter system work?

The smart water meter system works via wireless signals sent from a small radio unit located outside the house connected to the water meter. The radio unit sends readings to regional collector units that then transmit the meter reading data to receivers at Cambridge City Hall.

Regional collectors will be located on existing water tanks, radio and cell phone towers located throughout the city that are currently being used by GrandBridge Energy for utility readings.

Each radio unit will send a 111-millisecond usage report from the meter to City Hall four times a day.

My meter is over 10 years old, does the city provide a replacement?

The city is responsible for any future water meter maintenance, provided homeowners take reasonable caution to prevent damage. Meters need to be located in a temperature-controlled, secure space and have an intact tamper-proof tag. Water meters need to be replaced every 10-15 years. When it is time to replace your meter, we will send you a letter. There is no cost associated with meter maintenance. Water meter replacement is mandatory to maintain accurate billing.

How does the smart water meter system benefit customers?

The new smart water meter technology and backup system will provide accurate, timely water use data regardless of weather conditions or power outages.

Once smart water meter units are installed, a new web-based reporting system will allow customers to track their daily water use and learn about strategies for saving water and reducing their utility bill. This online tool will be activated toward the end of the installation project, and citizens will receive detailed information on how to take advantage of its offerings.

At the current time, on a monthly basis, the city manually visits homes to read water meters. The advanced metering system will take vehicles off the road, significantly reducing the city’s carbon footprint.

This real- time data ensures meter reading consistency and water bill accuracy. It will enable City staff to identify potential issues earlier and respond more quickly. 

Will wireless technology affect my health or privacy?
No, the new smart water meters will not negatively affect health or privacy. The wireless portions of the system will be operated according to Federal Communications Commission standards, and will not interfere with other radio frequencies in the area. Exposure to radio waves from smart meters is very minimal compared to commonly used smartphones. In addition, the transmission time for each unit totals only about 15 seconds per day. Canadian Radio Frequency Exposure graph
Where can I get more information? Who can I contact?
To learn more about the City’s smart water meter program, you can visit www.cambridge.ca/smartmeter. If you have any questions, please contact Service Cambridge at the City at (519) 623-1340 or servicecambridge@cambridge.ca.


City of Cambridge Project Manager

Harpreet Sumra
Supervisor of Metering and Compliance
City of Cambridge
(519) 621-0740 ext. 4676