The City's Staff Code of Conduct is a valuable reference resource for all City employees. It is designed to provide guidance on employee behaviour and ensure all employees know what is expected of them. It provides clarity on appropriate conduct and allows employees to use these guidelines to inform their behaviour. 

The Code of Conduct supports the City's commitment to its corporate values and fosters a strong culture of integrity, respect, inclusiveness, and service, which are the pillars on which our City is run. It helps ensure that what we say, what we do and how we act is always in the best interest of the community and our colleagues.

We are proud of our employees and the services they deliver to community. The Code of Conduct recognizes that it is only through the commitment and effort of each employee that the excellent quality of these services is achieved and public trust is maintained. As its most valuable and important asset, City employees are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of behaviour.

For comments or questions about the Staff Code of Conduct, contact:

David Calder
City Manager
City of Cambridge
Tel: (519) 740-4683