These committees are established by recommendation of Council or City Staff to carry out specific functions. They often work with other stakeholders, staff groups or committees. 

Arthur White Sports Bursary Fund Committee

The Arthur White Sports Bursary Fund Committee provides financial assistance to:

  • athletes who are residents of the City of Cambridge or registered members of a relevant athletic group in the city and are deserving of financial assistance 
  • any team or athletic group representing the city at the provincial, national or international level of competition and who is deserving of financial assistance 

The basic source of funds is from the interest earned from a capital fund, which is held and invested as a Trust Account by the City of Cambridge. The City issues receipts for contributions to the fund, in accordance with Federal Income Tax requirements. 

The trustees have full authority in distributing the income of the fund. They also have the right to encroach on capital, subject to the conditions stated herein. 

Learn about the awards and bursaries related to the Arthur White Sports Bursary Fund. 

Staff Liaison: Don Crowder, Supervisor of Recreation - Sport Development & Booking 

View the Terms of Reference of the Arthur White Sports Bursary Fund Committee 

View the meeting agendas and minutes of the Arthur White Sports Bursary Fund Committee 

Citizen Committee on Council Compensation 

The Province of Ontario through the Municipal Act, 2001 delegates City Council the authority to set its remuneration. Each term of Council, a Citizen Committee for Council Compensation is established to act as an independent body charged with reviewing and bringing forward recommended changes on remuneration, benefits and expenses for members of Council, as well as any other additional policies for the offices of Mayor and Council. 

Recommendations made by the committee are applied to the incoming term of Council. 

View the Terms of Reference of the Citizen Committee on Council Compensation 

Committee of Adjustment 

The Committee of Adjustment is a citizens group appointed by Council and governed by the Planning Act. The committee makes decisions on the following applications: 

Minor Variance Applications
  • minor variances from the City's Zoning Bylaw
  • expansions to legal non-conforming use
  • changes in legal non-conforming use
  • interpretations to generalized bylaws

Minor Variance application form

Minor Variance Frequently Asked Questions

Consent Applications
  • severance (creation) of new lots
  • severance of existing semi-detached dwellings and linear townhouse dwellings
  • lot additions (adding land to an existing property) or lot line adjustment 
  • granting of easements and right-of-ways
  • technical severance and correction of title
  • partial discharge of mortgages 
  • leases of lands for more than 21 years

Consent / Severance application form

Consent / Severance Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about the Committee of Adjustment, the application process and meeting schedule, please view the Committee of Adjustment Information Brochure.

Staff Liaison: Edmund Carlson, Planner / Secretary / Treasurer to Committee of Adjustment, Development Charges Coordinator 

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View the meeting agendas and minutes of the Committee of Adjustment 

General Appeals Committee

The General Appeals Committee is a new quasi-judicial body comprised of five (5) citizen members that meets once per month to hear appeals made to a Property Standards Order that was issued by a Property Standards Officer of the City of Cambridge and Dog Muzzle Orders issued by an Animal Control Officer of the City of Cambridge. 

The committee operates under the authority of the Statutory Powers and Procedure Act and may confirm, modify or rescind Property Standards and Dog Muzzle Orders, or in the case of Property Standards matters, may extend the time for compliance. 

The decisions of the General Appeals Committee may be appealed to the Superior Court of Justice. 

Members of the General Appeals Committee will receive remuneration in the amount of $80 per meeting and should have experience with legal tribunal governance, land use, real estate or experience relative to the bylaw the committee will hear. 

View the Terms of Reference of the General Appeals Committee. 

Grants Review Committee 

The Grants Review Committee reviews all applications from community non-profit organizations for municipal financial assistance. The committee also recommends levels of funding, based on their assessment process, to General Committee of Council. 

For inquiries, contact

View the Terms of Reference of the Grants Review Committee 

View the meeting agendas and minutes of the Grants Review Committee  

Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee

A joint Municipal Elections Compliance Audit Committee (MECAC) has been established by the Region of Waterloo, Cities of Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener and Waterloo, and Townships of North Dumfries, Wellesley, Wilmot and Woolwich. When an application for a compliance audit is received, a meeting is held in the applicable municipality. 

The MECAC reviews all applications filed in accordance with Section 81 of the Municipal Elections Act (MEA). Section 81 allows an elector to apply for a compliance audit of a candidate's election campaign finances if they believe that the candidate has broken any regulations outlined in the MEA. 

City meeting procedures and MEA regulations must be followed when applying for an audit. Any application which does not meet the legislative deadline for submission will not be presented to the committee for review. 

Staff Liaison: Danielle Manton, City Clerk

View the Terms of Reference of the Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee 

Placemaking Working Group 

NEW - At its meeting of February 28, 2023, Council established a new Placemaking Working Group that will be comprised of 8 members of the public. The application period for the Placemaking Working Group is now closed. 

The purpose of the Placemaking Working Group (PWG) is to provide input and assist with the Placemaking Study that will be initiated by the City of Cambridge and funded through the Core Areas Transformation Fund (CATF).

The goal of the Placemaking Project is to have a consultant conduct a study to determine where areas are available and appropriate for placemaking projects within Downtown Cambridge and what may be developed there. 

Staff Liaison: James Goodram, Director of Economic Development 

View the Terms of Reference of the Placemaking Working Group