Starting the Process

To start the process of having a property serviced by municipal water, wastewater or stormwater, the City of Cambridge requires a Service Estimate Application is completed and emailed to A fee of $260.00 (+HST) will apply for all service estimates. With the application, a proposed servicing drawing for the property should be included. The City of Cambridge maintains the right to all construction activities in the Municipal right-of-way (ROW). At no time will a private contractor be allowed to work in the ROW without confirmation from the City. Please note that for new services within the Region of Waterloo ROW (i.e. property is on a Regional road), the applicant must also be granted permission by the Region of Waterloo.

Service Estimate

The City’s Engineering and Water Operations Departments will need to complete a site visit to determine the labour, equipment, materials, etc. required to complete the service installation(s). Please note that the customer is not required to be present for the site visit. After a site visit, the customer will be provided with an estimate that outlines the costs the City will incur by proceeding with the service installation(s). A estimate will be prepared using expected construction costs, but may be subject to change based on actual conditions during construction. Any questions related to the estimate, should be directed to

Proceeding with Servicing

Once the estimate has been reviewed and accepted by the customer, a full payment must be received before work will be scheduled. Payments should be made by cheque, payable to ‘The City of Cambridge’ and can be dropped off at the Service Cambridge Desk located on the first floor of City Hall. The envelope should be set to the attention of the Engineering Department and include Estimate Letter and the signed Declaration page. If sending payment via courier/mail, send to 50 Dickson Street, Cambridge, ON, N1R 5W8, again to the attention of the Engineering Department.


The City can typically install new services within 6-8 weeks of receiving full payment from the customer. The City will make a reasonable effort to install services within the customer’s timeframe, but emergency or other priority work will take precedence over site servicing work. The City will be responsible for obtaining utility locates before proceeding with construction. Once the services have been installed to property line, the City will schedule site restoration of the roadway, curb, sidewalk, etc., as needed. Any questions related to construction, should be directed to

Final Invoice

Once the service installation(s) and site restoration have been completed, the Tax & Water Department will send a final invoice to the customer. Any questions related to the final invoice or payment should be directed to