The City of Cambridge Fire Department runs six fire stations in the area. The fire department headquarters is located at Station 1.

Station 1

1625 Bishop Street North
Cambridge, ON N1R 7J4Fire Station One

Phone: (519) 621-6001
Fax: (519) 621-4521

Built in 1975 by W. G. Ross Building Corporation for a cost of $444,000, Fire Station 1 is a Headquarters Station, housing the Administration, Communications, Fire Prevention, Training, Suppression and Mechanical Divisions. The station includes fueling facilities for the Fire department's fleet and a Training Ground complete with a four-storey training tower. In 1991, an addition to the Administration side of the building more than doubled the size of the building and allowed for the enlargement of the areas assigned to the Mechanical, Fire Prevention and Public Education Divisions. The addition also permitted the relocation and upgrading of the Communications Division, which became a fully computerized center. The new space also provided new offices for the Chief and Deputy Chief, more space for administrative staff, a board room/meeting room, and better facilities for the Training Division including proper classroom facilities. In 2004, Cambridge Fire Department constructed a third building addition, including a single drive-through mechanic's bay, complete with a hoist capable of lifting any apparatus unit within the Cambridge Fire department's fleet. The gymnasium, bunker room and SCBA air room were also relocated within this addition, allowing more space for Public Education and Fire Prevention staff. 

Station 2

11 Tannery Street East
Cambridge, ON N3C 2C1 Station Number Two

The Station 2 building was built for the former Town of Hespeler in 1914 for a cost of $35,750. It housed all the municipal offices, local police, the Council Chambers and the volunteer fire department, including two truck bays. Major renovations in 1976 provided the fire department with better office space, a concrete apparatus floor, as well as a dormitory, kitchen and lounge facilities on the second floor.

Station 3

525 King Street
Cambridge, ON N3H 3N4Station Number Three

Station 3 was formerly the Preston Fire Hall, built in 1966 by the Town of Preston as part of the Town Hall Complex, which housed the municipal offices, the Police Station, and the Council Chambers. At this time, the Preston Fire department was a composite department with both full time and volunteer firefighters. Station 3 was initially used as the City of Cambridge Fire Department Headquarters Station until the Station 1 was built in 1975. Station 3 is also the home of our 1950 Bickle-Seagrave Pumper.

Station 4

91 Saint Andrews Street
Cambridge, ON N1S 1M7 Fire Station Four

Station 4 was built in 1975 to address the fire protection needs of the west side of the Grand River in the former Galt area. This fire hall was constructed for the City of Cambridge, by Daly Construction, at a cost of $174,929. The site upon which it was built was the former Crosses Flower Green House.

Station 5

490 Main Street East
Cambridge, ON N1R 1Y6Station Number Five

Station 5 was built in 1979 by Schiedel Construction Limited at a cost of $250,000. It was built to replace and relocate the former Fire Station 5, which was located at 56 Dickson Street.

 Station 6

485 Boxwood Drive

Cambridge, ON N3E 0A7Station 6 picture courtesy of Scott Norsworthy

Fire Station 6 opened September 4, 2018.  Located at 485 Boxwood Drive at the southeast corner of Maple Grove Road and Boxwood Drive in the heart of the Boxwood Industrial Park, Fire Station #6 provides primary response coverage for a growing industrial area and residential neighbourhoods. Importantly, the station also provides faster secondary support for house fires in Hespeler and Preston areas as well as response to Highway 401 incidents, as identified in the Fire Master Plan. The station building will be LEED Silver certified.