Save Lives, Prevent Injury, Protect Property

The City of Cambridge Fire Department's mission is to "Save Lives, Prevent Injury, Protect Property." The Fire department achieves their goals by:

  • Demonstrating leadership in community fire safety, attitudes and awareness
  • Having personnel that are fully trained in the responsibilities of their respective roles
  • Providing and maintaining the proper equipment and facilities to meet the department's obligations
  • Ensuring a high level of health and safety for all personnel
  • Maintaining fiscal responsibility to the community in the provision of its service
  • Continuously improving customer service using defined performance objectives

Our values

The Cambridge Fire Department stands by the following values:

  • We will treat all persons with respect, compassion, dignity and tolerance.
  • We will conduct business in a manner consistent with the ethical and legal obligations of our profession and the City of Cambridge policies and procedures.
  • We value progressive leadership behaviour that demonstrates an ongoing commitment to personal and professional development of all staff; encourages participation in decision making, setting goals and objectives; and leads and motivates others by example.
  • We will continue to build trust and credibility through professional actions and a caring attitude.
  • We value the establishment and completion of personal and departmental goals and will recognize and celebrate these achievements.
  • We will strive to ensure every member is proud of their role in our department, its history and accepts ownership of the responsibilities for the services, equipment and facilities.
  • We value open, honest communication leading to meaningful interaction that ensures results.

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