The installation of video cameras is one of the ways we’re working to enhance the safety of our downtown areas and maintain thriving and vibrant cores. These cameras are used to help ensure the safety of residents and visitors, deter unsafe activities and loitering, and contribute to downtown revitalization.

Camera locations

At each camera location, there are signs posted clearly advising the public of the cameras. Cameras are not monitored in real time.  The presence of cameras acts as a deterrent to crime, contributes to a feeling of public safety, and can be used by police as an investigative tool if there is an incident.  This project is being completed in consultation with the Business Improvement Association.

 Phase 1 camera locations
Ten cameras were installed as part of Phase 1 CCTV camera program. View Phase 1 locations on a map.
  1. Main Street & Water Street intersection
  2. Dickson Street parking lot
  3. Main Street & Ainslie Street intersection
  4. Main Street & Wellington Street intersection
  5. Water Street parking lot #2 west pole
  6. Water Street parking lot #2 east pole
  7. Mill Street parking lot west pole
  8. Mill Street parking lot east poll
  9. Water Street looking towards pedestrian bridge
 Phase 2 camera locations
Five cameras along the Grand River trail are being installed as part of Phase 2. This includes the area of the trail near the Cambridge Mill to the wooden foot bridge near 150/170 Water Street North (Waterscape buildings). View Phase 2 locations on map.

Protecting your privacy

We recognize the balance between an individual’s privacy and the need to protect the safety and security of the public. Our policy governing the use of video cameras adheres to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (MFIPPA) and has been reviewed by the Information Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. Recorded material is kept private, confidential and secure, except in some extenuating situations as noted in the policy. Camera data is only stored for up to 30 days and then recorded over.

Read the full policy.

For more information please contact the Economic Development division.