Emergency regulations have been put in place both provincially and municipally to help slow the spread of COVID-19. This includes regulations for physical distancing, gatherings, businesses that are open and closed. 

For the most up-to-date regulations, visit the Province of Ontario's COVID-19 page

Face masks and coverings

Regional Council recently passed bylaws that require mask wearing on transit and in enclosed public places as of July 13. These bylaws make it mandatory for residents to wear face coverings in enclosed public places such as trains and buses, shopping malls and retail shops and more.

Visit the Region of Waterloo's website for the most up-to-date information on these bylaws

Guidelines for parks, trails and facilities

Splash pads

Three of the City’s larger splashpads at Forbes Park, Riverside Park, and Churchill Park re-opened as of Saturday, July 4. They are open between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. daily, weather permitting. 

Please note that due to physical distancing requirements, the number of users allowed on the splashpads at one time will be limited according to the space available. There may be times where users may have to wait for access. To allow fair access for everyone, 20-minute time blocks may be in effect during busy periods. 

Users will be asked to follow guidance provided by the splashpad supervisor, and to be patient as we provide the added protections required to offer safe use. Splashpads are disinfected daily, and touch points are wiped down between users groups.


The John Dolson (indoor) and Ed Newland (outdoor) pools opened to the public on Saturday, July 4 and will host both recreational swims and lessons. 

Swim lessons will be modified to follow guidelines and health precautions as set out by the Province of Ontario and Waterloo Regional Public Health, including lower ratios and capacity, physical distancing, mandatory health screenings, and enhanced facility cleaning.

With smaller capacity, swim lesson registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration for all lessons opens on Tuesday, July 7 at noon, either online at www.cambridge.ca/coral or in person at City Hall. For more details including fees and schedules, visit www.cambridge.ca/swim.  

Read our news release for more details. 


In alignment with the easing of provincial restrictions in parks and trails, the City of Cambridge reopened its skateparks, disc golf, basketball courts, and tennis courts. 

As of May 21, the following amenities reopened: 

Maple Grove Dog Park

Physical distancing of a minimum of 2 m is required at all times. Please note that touch surfaces such as gate latches, etc. are not sanitized. It is recommended that users bring their own personal hand sanitizer for their use.

Basketball courts

All city outdoor Basketball courts are open. A reminder that they are open for individual use or play with members of the same household (5 people or less). They are not open for structured game play.

Physical distancing of a minimum of 2 m is required. Please note that touch surfaces are not sanitized. It is recommended that users bring their own personal hand sanitizer for their use.

Disc Golf
Practice physical distancing of a minimum of 2 m, and no gathering greater than 5 people. Please be sure not to share your discs. 

As of May 22, the following amenities reopened: 

Tennis Courts 

Public Tennis Courts at both Riverside Park and Willard Park are currently open for daily use until 10pm. As per Tennis Canada play is recommended for families and individuals of the same household, and players considered to be of low risk. Players are also asked to not share any equipment with their partner. For more information please see Tennis Canada’s website for tips and recommendations.  

When waiting for court availability, physical distancing of 2 m is still required. Our Tennis Clubs & facilities remain closed as final plans for safe use are finalized. 


Skateboard Facilities 

Skateboard facilities are open for daily use until dusk at Riverside Park, Churchill Park, and at Greengate Park.

Users are reminded that no gathering of groups greater than 5 is permitted, and physical distancing of 2 m still applies; even while waiting to use the facility. If users are not from the same household they should take turns to allow individuals an opportunity to safely use the facility.

Picnic Shelters

All picnic shelters at Riverside Park are available for individual or family use on a first come first serve basis only; at this time.

Please note these and all the recently opened amenities are not sanitized, and it is recommended that users bring their own personal hand sanitizer for their use.

This is further to the announcement by Region of Waterloo and area municipalities on May 14 to relax some restrictive measures at parks, trails, and open spaces as part of a careful and cautious approach to expanding access to the outdoors amid the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic.

General Rules

  • Maintain physical distancing (at least 2 m, except for members of the same household).
  • Keep your dog on a leash
  • Leave if the park or trail gets too crowded
  • Avoid crowded parking lots by only using parks or trails you can walk to
  • Also note that recently opened amenities are not sanitized, and it is recommended that users bring their own personal hand sanitizer for their use. 

What's allowed

  • Use of skateparks, disc golf, basketball courts, sports fields and tennis courts for individual use or with members of your household
  • Activities such as playing catch, throwing a Frisbee, kicking a ball, flying a kite with members of your household
  • Bringing your own chair or blanket for sitting
  • Individual activity including personal fitness exercises or yoga practice (not a group class)
  • Picnic tables, park benches or shelters in parks or recreational areas are available for use provided that users maintain a physical distance of at least 2 m. 
  • Walk the trails while maintaining physical distance
What not to do 
  • Engage in any group activities with more than 10 people
  • Gather in parking lots
  • Use park benches for socializing 


Measures under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act during COVID-19 are enforced by multiple areas. 

See the chart below for who to contact with questions or concerns.

Who to contact 

Contact for:

How to contact
Region of Waterloo
  • Business related concerns or questions
(519) 575-4400
City of Cambridge
  • Report people gathering in outdoor recreation spaces in groups of more than 10 people or use of playgrounds 
  • Report events & gatherings of more than 10 people

(519) 623-1340, ext. 7907


Province of Ontario
  • Report price gouging

Report online

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