Guidelines for parks, trails and facilities

Masks are recommended where users cannot maintain physical distancing of 2 m or greater.

Outdoor social gatherings and organized public events are limited to 10 people, including with members of different households (with caution to limit contact with those outside of your household as much as possible).

Parks and Amenities

In alignment with A Plan to Safely Reopen Ontario, park amenities are as per below.

Disc Golf
The disc golf course is open.
Maple Grove Dog Park
The dog park is open.
Picnic Shelters

Picnic shelters are open, but are only available on a first come first served basis. They are not reservable for use during the off season. Picnic shelters are limited to a max capacity of 10 people.

Trails & Playgrounds

All city playgrounds and natural trails are open for recreational use. Please use them with caution during the winter as they cannot be cleared of snow or ice! Physical distancing of 2 m is required at all times (except for members of the same household). 

Facilities and Centers

Visit our Recreation safety page for more information on closures of facilities during COVID-19. 

General Rules

  • Maintain physical distancing (at least 2 m, except for members of the same household)
  • Outdoor gathering is limited to 10 people, but can include members of different households
  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times
  • Leave if the park or trail area gets too crowded
  • Only use parks or trails that you can walk to 
  • Walk your block
  • Get your exercise locally in your neighbourhood
  • It is recommended that users bring their own personal hand sanitizer 

What's allowed

  • Outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people 
  • Walking, jogging, hiking and cycling
  • Disc golf
  • Outdoor adult fitness equipment
  • Use of playgrounds
What not to do 
  • Engage in any outdoor gatherings beyond 10 people
  • Train with others where 2 m distancing cannot be met
  • Allow dogs to run off leash in any park (except at the Maple Grove Dog Park)
  • Operate any motorized vehicle on parkland or trail

Face masks and coverings

Regional Council has voted to extend the Face Covering and Code of Use bylaws (and amendment bylaws) given the increasing risks related to COVID-19 remain a significant risk locally and provincially. Council will review the mask bylaw and code of use bylaws once the Province revokes its requirements for businesses and organizations.

These bylaws make it mandatory for residents to wear face coverings in enclosed public places such as trains and buses, shopping malls and retail shops and more. As of September 28, enclosed places include taxis, ride shares and common areas of apartments and condos, where physical distancing can be a challenge.

Visit the Region of Waterloo's website for the most up-to-date information on these bylaws

 Mask Bylaw Frequently Asked Questions
Who is required to wear a face covering under this bylaw?
Any customer, patron, employee or visitor, who enters an enclosed public place must wear a mask except for those who are exempt.
Who is NOT required to wear a face covering?
The bylaws exempt:
  • Children under the age of five.
  • Those who are unable to wear a face covering as a result of a medical condition or a disability. Some disabilities are invisible so we ask people to respect that. The bylaw does not require people to provide proof to support an exemption.
  • A person engaged in a sport or other strenuous physical activity.
  • A person who is assisting or accommodating someone who has a hearing loss or a hearing disability.
  • A person who is consuming food/drink as part of a religious activity within a place of worship.
Does the bylaw require business owners to turn away people who are not wearing masks?
No. There is no requirement under the bylaw for businesses to refuse entry to those not wearing face coverings. Businesses may choose to have their own policies that require masks.
Can businesses require proof of exemption?
No. The bylaw does not require people to provide proof to support an exemption.
Where am I required to wear a face covering?
Face coverings are required in the following locations:
  • Buses, bus shelters, ION trains and ION platforms
  • Stores and shopping malls
  • Indoor areas of restaurants and bars, with the exception of patrons consuming food/drink
  • Outdoor spectator seating areas on sportsfields
  • Professional services such as counselling, personal care, funeral homes, repair and rental services
  • Lobby areas of commercial buildings
  • Hotels and motels, with the exception of rented rooms
  • Laundromats
  • Indoor areas of fitness centres, gyms and recreational and sports facilities
  • Indoor concert venues, theatres and cinemas
  • Arcades and other indoor amusement facilities
  • Museums, galleries, historic sites, etc.
  • Places of worship
  • Municipal buildings

For more detail on exceptions, please consult the actual bylaws. 

Where are face coverings NOT required?
The bylaws do not cover:
  • Federal or provincial buildings
  • Colleges, universities or schools
  • Hospitals or health facilities
  • Offices of regulated health professionals
  • Employee-only areas of businesses and other buildings
  • Outdoor areas in streets, parks, sports facilities and patios
  • Child care facilities and day camps
  • Care facilities for the elderly and people with disabilities


Are masks required at public pools?

No. Masks are not required to be worn on the pool deck and cannot be worn when you are swimming. Masks can pose a safety risk if covering your mouth and nose while wet. 

How can establishments notify customers, patrons, employees or visitors about the bylaw?
Business owners/operators are responsible for posting clearly visible bylaw signage at all entrances. Decals and posters can be picked up at local city halls and township administrative offices or from local Chambers of Commerce.

Businesses can also print their own signs and bylaw reminder cards to give to patrons.

Who is providing the face coverings?
Residents must supply their own face covering. Some business owners/operators will supply masks but they are not required to do so.
Will the face covering bylaw be enforced?
Bylaw Enforcement continues to take an education-first approach, asking people to comply with the bylaw and educating them on the importance of protecting each other. We are appealing to residents’ goodwill and willingness to cooperate for the greater good.
Do I still need to stay at least 2 metres (6 feet) away from people if wearing a face covering?
This is ideal and should be practiced. Wearing a face covering is an important measure, especially when physical distancing is not possible. Continue to practice other health measures such as washing your hands frequently.
Do I have to show proof that I am exempt from the bylaw?
No proof is required to show you are exempt from wearing a face covering. The expectation is that individuals who self-identify as exempt should be allowed into an enclosed public place.
How do I report someone for not wearing a face covering?

It’s important to keep in mind that Regional bylaw enforcement will not be able to respond to all calls and will be focusing on education and compliance rather than enforcement. Business owners/operators can contact Region of Waterloo Bylaw Enforcement if non-compliance is significant and ongoing and additional educational resources and support are needed. Please complete a bylaw feedback form or call the Region of Waterloo Contact Centre at 519-575-4400. 

Residents wishing to report non-compliance can also fill out the bylaw feedback form, call the Region of Waterloo at 519-575-4400 or the City of Cambridge bylaw line at 519-623-134- x7907.


Measures under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act during COVID-19 are enforced by multiple areas. 

See the chart below for who to contact with questions or concerns.

Who to contact 

Contact for:

How to contact
Region of Waterloo
  • Business-related concerns or questions; mask non-compliance
(519) 575-4400
City of Cambridge
  • Report events & gatherings of more than 100 people outdoors or more than 25 people indoors.

(519) 623-1340, ext. 7907

Province of Ontario
  • Report price gouging

Report online

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