The City of Cambridge Corporate Enterprise Department provides a range of services that support City initiatives and serve the citizens and businesses of Cambridge in a number of ways.  

The department’s main services include:

  • Building the City’s corporate performance management framework, including overseeing the development of the strategic plan, business planning process and annual report to the community

  • Ensuring an open and transparent process for community dialogue and engagement on key issues
  • Supporting key community partners, with emphasis on external marketing and business investment attraction
  • Ensuring Cambridge’s Capital Investment Program adequately implements the strategic objectives determined by City Council and meets the needs of the community

The Corporate Enterprise department supports an enterprise mindset and with a focus on service excellence, innovation, continuous improvement and financial stability. Corporate Enterprise will lead programs to achieve service modernization and sustainability in customer service, technology, employee engagement, talent management, asset management, project management and emergency response.

Service Areas

The following divisions support the Corporate Enterprise department:

  • Asset and Project Management is comprised of two components - Asset Management utilizes evolving industry standard practices and follows applicable legislative requirements to monitor and document the current state of assets. Project Management Office provides a solid foundation for Cambridge’s Capital Investment Program by creating an environment of measurable and disciplined project management.
  • Economic Development - works collaboratively with departments across the corporation and provides the leadership necessary to create a City that welcomes business, innovation, growth and development.
  • Corporate Strategy - provides ongoing support and oversight in relation to the vision, mission, values, goals and objectives as determined by the strategic planning process. This framework, developed in consultation with each of the key stakeholder groups, forms the basis for review and ongoing communication of the results and progress being made by the City.
  • Risk Management - ensures the improvement in the effectiveness of governance processes, risk management and operational monitoring and control.

The corporate strategy team has been working diligently to incorporate the feedback gathered from the community into the new strategy for the City of Cambridge. The video below offers a quick insight into some of the changes the corporate strategy team is looking to implement throughout Cambridge in the next few years.

Department Goals

The Corporate Enterprise department has several key goals, including:

  • Strategic Leadership. Develop collaborative and innovative priorities, policies and plans to promote the City’s overall strategic objectives and plans/initiatives to identify and realize new opportunities.
  • Organizational and Operational Support.  The streams of work of Corporate Enterprise are structured to align across all City departments and divisions. The four divisions of Corporate Enterprise will provide operational support for the implementation and realization of the City’s overall corporate goals and objectives.


The Deputy City Manager of the Corporate Enterprise department uses the following principles to guide the department’s actions:

  • Develop and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of stakeholders including members of council, corporate management teams, staff, external agencies, businesses, other levels of government and the public while demonstrating the City’s core values
  • Promote a customer service oriented culture by providing excellent customer service

Roles and Responsibilities

The Deputy City Manager has the following expectations for the functions of the department:

  • Providing visible and positive leadership to staff consistent with the commitments of the City’s Leadership Governance Model
  • Ensuring functions within the department meet the legislated/regulatory requirements of the municipality
  • Promoting employee engagement through effective communications, coaching and mentoring
  • Improving the delivery of corporate services by identifying and implementing continuous improvement and innovative practices
  • Recommending corporate policies, developing and assessing management operating policies, procedures, work systems, methods and standards and reporting on performance

The City's Strategic Plan is implemented by focusing on; people, place, prosperity.