On June 19, 2019, Cambridge Council passed a resolution in support of proceeding with the identification of candidate sites for Consumption and Treatment Services with wrap around services in Cambridge, outside of the core areas; and in an area of need as per the requirements of the provincial Consumption and Treatment Services Program.

As well, Council directed the development of a community consultation approach be developed in consultation with the Community Wellbeing Advisory Committee. This work is being supported by a professional facilitator to assist with the design and implementation of the community consultation process.

Site Selection

A cross-departmental staff project team reviewed 27 sites potential sites. Two potential sites most closely meet the provincial and federal criteria, as well as criteria from the Region of Waterloo Public Health’s feasibility study. Public Health, who initiated the CTS process due to the impact of the opioid crisis in the Waterloo Region, has been consulted and continues to work with the team.  An interim site in Kitchener opened in October 2019 and became permanent in October 2020.

CTS services are part of a broader integrated drug strategy and response under Public Health’s mandate. A site will not only address urgent prevention overdose needs but will also serve as a pathway to access long-term supportive services and treatment.

Council Approval

On April 6, 2021 Cambridge City Council voted to move forward with a community consultation framework to gather public feedback on two potential candidate sites: 15 Easton Street and 8 Oxford Street, for a future Consumption and Treatment Service (CTS) location.  The agenda and report can be found here.

Engagement Opportunities

Throughout July, the Community Consultation Plan will encourage the exchange of views and perspectives on the candidate sites through a variety of engagement options for the general public, near neighbours, service providers and potential CTS clients to provide input.

Residents are asked to share their thoughts individually through an online survey on Engage Cambridge or together with a small group using the Kitchen Table Discussion Guide. Near neighbors of both potential candidate sites will be sent direct mail correspondence. Service providers and potential CTS clients will also be contacted to provide feedback on the candidate sites.

If you require any accessibility accomodations to participate in this engagement are asked to contact the Clerk’s Division at siteconsultation@cambridge.ca or call (519) 623-1340.

Following the collection of public feedback, Council will receive a staff report for further consideration. Council will then determine any next steps related to the two Candidate sites.

Planning Study

An interim control bylaw was put in place in order to complete a planning study to review zoning regulations for potential consumption and treatment sites in Cambridge. After the completion of the study, Council decided that the Consumption and Treatment Services (CTS) site will be permitted anywhere as public use if operated by a government body or any public health care agency. In order to receive provincial funding, City Council must endorse the site before a site can be established. Read the report

There have been changes in provincial and federal oversight since this process originally started. CTS sites are now highly regulated by both the federal and provincial governments in terms of site location, community engagement, mandatory wrap- around services, security, and monthly data reporting. They are approved in communities where there has been a demonstrated need. 

Find more information on the planning study process.

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