The City of Cambridge owns one bulk water station on Bishop Street where businesses can purchase large volumes of clean, filtered water. 

The station is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is under camera surveillance.

To access the station, users must set up a pre-paid account with the City. 

Bulk Water Station Location:bulk water station

  • 1535 Bishop St. N., Cambridge


The 2024 rate is $6.20 per cubic meter (1 cubic meter = 1,000 litres). The rate is reviewed yearly and approved by council.

Payment Options

Pay Online

Payment methods accepted - Visa or Mastercard. An online processing fee of 1.75% of your total payment applies.

City Hall hours, excludes statutory or declared holidays.  Note: you still must have an online account, even if paying in person. 

Payment methods accepted - debit, credit, cash or cheque

How do I create an online account?

Creating a Flowpoint account allows you to conveniently pay online, manage your own account, view your account balances, history and monthly/annual water consumption levels and more.


  • Visit,
  • Select "Apply for an Account" and fill in the required fields (Company name, contact info, email address etc.)
  • Once you set up your account you will receive an initial email from Public Works instructing you to confirm your email address. 
  • Log in and add a truck under "Truck Management." Each truck needs an access number and PIN in order to get water from the station.  The access number is assigned to the truck, and you must create a 4 digit PIN for each vehicle or driver using the bulk water station. The drivers will need to remember the Access Code and PIN to use the station. 
  • Money must be deposited into your online account prior to using the bulk water station.


If you require assistance in setting up your online account, please call 519-623-1340


How does online payment work?

Before your visit to the bulk water station:

  • you must pre-pay to your online account using Visa or MasterCard. If necessary, debit, credit card, cheque, or cash payments can be loaded onto your online account in person at Cambridge City Hall
  • Funds will be available within approximately 30 minutes of deposit.

At the bulk water station:

  • You will be prompted to input your 4 digit Access Code and 4 digit PIN number that you set up with your online account into the keypad terminal.
  • The terminal will display the volume of water available to that account (in cubic meters) based on your current pre-paid account balance.
  • All terminals display in cubic meters. Note: one cubic meter (1 m3) = 1,000 litres.
  • Enter the desired volume of water to be dispensed, press "Start" and commence pumping. You may press "Stop" at any time.
  • Your online bulk water account will be automatically debited according to the volume of water drawn. You may deposit additional funds to your account at any time. 
Instructions and Rules
  • All users must have a pre-paid account with the City of Cambridge.

  • No onsite chemical/pesticide mixing is allowed.

  • Users must supply their own clean, leak free hose for 2.5” standard hydrant connection only (see photos below).

  • Flow rate is approximately 1 cubic metre every 30 seconds.
  • Draining of hoses or other connections is to be conducted by directing all water to the closest storm sewer.

  • Do not overfill tanks or spill water; deicing costs will be charged to customer as required.

  • Users are to place the cap back on the nozzle when finished filling.

  • This station is intended to supply bulk water for commercial applications and not as a potable water supply. All water taken for potable water supply is done at the sole risk of the user.

Note: Failure to follow rules will result in suspension of usage.

Bulk water station connection

 water connectionwater connection