The City of Cambridge manages water distribution and sewage collection services for Cambridge residents. The Region of Waterloo manages the treatment of this water and sewage.

Water rates

Provincial legislation requires operating costs come from the customers using the water and sewage services. A rate structure with both fixed service charges and varying consumption rates is in place.

Consumption charges are based on the volume of water recorded on your meter during a billing period. Based on the size of your water meter, the fixed service charges are the basic costs to provide the services, regardless of volume.

View our Water Sewer Rates Brochure to learn more.

Variable water rates:

2024 Water Rate - $2.72

2024 Wastewater Rate - $2.67

Monthly fixed water rates based on meter size
Meter Size in 
Millimetres (mm)
Water Service ChargeWastewater Service Charge
15 mm to 19 mm
$10.74 $7.72
25 mm $26.84 $19.30
37 mm $53.68 $38.59
50 mm $85.89 $61.75
75 mm $187.88 $135.07
100 mm $322.09 $231.55
150 mm $671.01 $482.39
200 mm $858.89 $617.46
250 mm $1,234.66 $887.59

For more information on the sanitary sewer system in Cambridge, please contact the Public Works Division of the Development and Infrastructure department at (519) 623-1340.