Our vision for Cambridge is based on what we see today and what we hope for tomorrow.

Today, it is clear that:

  • Cambridge celebrates the uniqueness of its founding communities and is united by its heritage, rivers, cultures and common future
  • Cambridge residents and visitors enjoy the natural environment, safe, clean, caring, sustainable and accessible neighbourhoods, with a wide variety of lifestyle and housing options and ample cultural and recreational opportunities
  • Cambridge, as a community of opportunity, encourages business growth and transition, entrepreneurial spirit, strong leadership, efficient government and the provision of municipal services, personal growth and civic pride

Looking into the future, we will work towards a Cambridge that is:

"A place for people to prosper - alive with opportunity."

This vision, together with our corporate mission and values provides the foundation for all of the work that we do at the City.


The city's mission is an important statement that describes why we exist as an organization.

Working together
Committed to our values
Serving our community

Learn more about our vision and mission through Cambridge's Strategic Plan.

Corporate Core Values

The City of Cambridge is committed to its four corporate values of integrity, respect, inclusiveness and service. These values have been set to guide our behaviour and play an important role in the decisions and actions of the City. They serve as a foundation for the City's corporate culture and are essential to the future success of the City.


We will:

  • Conduct ourselves in a professional manner with emphasis on effective communications, accountability for actions, and a strong moral compass.
  • Be committed to maintaining a safe, trusting, and supportive environment.
  • Demonstrate professionalism, good judgement and personal leadership.


We will:

  • Have mutual respect and fair understanding of the wants, needs and expectations of others.
  • Practice open, honest and sincere communication.


We will:

  • Commit to welcome, learn and understand.
  • Foster an environment of respect and sense of belonging.


We will:

  • Strive to provide timely, respectful and knowledgeable responses focusing on communicating information in a friendly and accessible manner to all.
  • Send feedback and use it to enhance and continually improve our services.
  • Demonstrate genuine enthusiasm and take pride in our work to achieve common goals.
  • Demonstrate hard work and dedication in an effort to enhance community pride.