The City of Cambridge collects City taxes and taxes on behalf of:

The City is responsible for tax billing. Budgetary needs determine taxation rates.

The annual budget process determines the tax rates for the City of Cambridge and the Region of Waterloo. The Province of Ontario sets the school board tax rates annually. All tax rates determine the City's property taxes.

Introducing MyTax

MyTax allows Cambridge property owners to view tax account records quickly and easily online, anytime and anywhere.   

MyTax is a secure and convenient online tool where you can view current and historic property tax account records from any computer or mobile device. The new online tool brings your tax summary, tax balance and breakdown, payment details, and due dates for residential and commercial taxes to your fingertips.

Users can:

  • view a tax summary for the past five years for residential and commercial properties
  • see the tax breakdown (what percentage went to the City, the school boards and the Region of Waterloo)
  • view your tax balance and payment details
  • add multiple accounts and properties to one MyTax account
  • view status of vacant property rebate applications
  • view tax assessment information including assessed value, tax class and appeal history 

MyTax records are not an official record and should only be used as a guideline.

What you need to register

To register for MyTax, you will need your account information including roll number and access code, which can be found on your most recent bill.

Register now

Already registered? Login to MyTax . For questions, or to report an issue with MyTax, please contact the property taxes office by calling (519) 623-1340.

Calculating property taxes

Your property tax rate equals the current tax rate (the City of Cambridge, the Region of Waterloo and the school boards rates combined), multiplied by the current value assessment of your property determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).

Learn more about tax rates.

Sign up for eBilling

The City of Cambridge offers electronic delivery of your tax bill (eBilling). Sign up to have your tax bill sent directly to your email account in PDF format. You will no longer receive a paper copy of your bill. Your eBill is sent about four weeks before the bill payment due date.

The email address provided when you sign up must be a valid email address. We immediately cancel the eBilling service, if your eBill is undeliverable to the email address provided.

Learn about paying your tax bill.

Change your email address

It is your responsibility to ensure that the email address for your eBilling account is correct.

You can change your eBilling email address online.

Cancel your eBilling

If you would like to cancel your enrollment in the eBilling program, please send your cancellation request by email. Once you cancel your eBilling account, you will start receiving a paper tax bill by mail.

Change your mailing address

The City of Cambridge allows you to change the mailing address on your property tax account online. You should only use this option if you are the owner of property in the City and want your mail redirected to another address.

You do not need to fill out this form if you are selling or buying property in Cambridge.

To complete a mailing address change, you need the information that appears on your tax bill. At the end of the process, you can request an email confirming that we have received your request.

We update your tax account with the new address on the next business day.