Delegations are permitted at all Standing Committees (Budget and Audit Committee, General Committee, and Planning and Development Committee). If a matter is dealt with directly at a Council meeting, delegations may be permitted to attend the meeting and may only speak again if there is new information.

Speakers have up to five (5) minutes to address Committee. We encourage groups of one (1) to three (3) people to come forward on behalf of groups of people who wish to speak on the same topic.

Delegation requests and any accompanying presentations must be submitted to the Clerk’s Office by 4:30 p.m. the day before the meeting. Any materials provided after the deadline will not be accepted.

Any person who wishes to speak at a Committee or Council meeting must complete a delegation request form and submit it to the City Clerk  The City Clerk reserves the right to designate requests to the appropriate meeting or to deny the request upon review of the completed form. Shortly after submission, staff will notify you if your request has been approved.

Agendas are finalized the week before the scheduled meeting and agendas are available for public viewing the Thursday before the meeting.

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View our Council and Committee Calendar for upcoming meeting dates.