It is important to teach kids about emergency planning so they can deal with an emergency at any time. Help prepare your children by:

  • Teaching them about natural hazards that could cause an emergency, such as earthquakes or tornadoes
  • Teaching them what to do if these natural hazards occur
  • Making a family emergency plan
  • Preparing an emergency kit together
  • Teaching them what to do in case of a fire
  • Teaching them what to do if an emergency occurs while they are at school

Educational activities

Try some of the following educational activities to help your kids learn about emergency planning:

Dealing with stress

Children can feel and react differently to stress than adults. The key to helping them cope with stressful situations is being there and making them feel safe. Other ways to help them deal with stress include:

  • Taking their fears seriously and telling them it is all right to be scared
  • Explaining scary events to them as best as you can and recognizing what was frightening
  • Telling your kids what you think and feel to help them feel less alone
  • Keeping consistent routines, such as meal times and sleep times
  • Seeing a professional for help, such as a trained psychologists or social worker, who are able to help children understand and cope with their stress and emotions