The Community Services department manages parks, open spaces, arts, leisure programs, special events, facilities and community support. These services are important for our community members to live active and healthy lives. Community Services also contributes to community safety and security by delivering fire prevention education, fire suppression services and emergency management planning.

Service areas

There are four operational divisions that support our Community Services department:

Department goals

The Community Services department has several key goals, including:

  • To provide accessible services that encourage participation, increase access, and reduce barriers
  • To offer affordable programs with fair user fees that promote participation
  • To offer City facility rentals that support the use of these facilities by community groups and organizations
  • To provide financial support to individuals and families who demonstrate a need for assistance
  • To respond to community needs by providing quality programs and services
  • To support healthy lifestyles by offering active programs and activities


The Deputy City Manager of Community Services implements the department's mandate based on the following principles:

  • Cambridge's corporate core values - integrity, respect, inclusiveness, service
  • Positive, productive relationships with elected officials and staff from other departments
  • Corporate perspective and collaboration to achieve objectives
  • Customer service
  • Empowered employees
  • Innovation and efficiency

Roles and responsibilities

The Deputy City Manager of Community Services has the following expectations when it comes to the services provided by the department:

  • Engage as many people as possible in the facilities, programs and services the department provides
  • Provide opportunities for participates to improve their health and wellbeing at our facilities, in our programs and by using our services
  • Direct municipal resources toward healthy child development and productive youth engagement
  • Provide resources for facilities, programs and services that improve quality of life for older adults and the elderly in the community
  • Provide municipal services intended first and foremost to meet the needs of Cambridge residents (policies and procedures may be developed to ensure that Cambridge residents receive priority consideration in the allocation of resources for tax supported activities)
  • Create opportunities for tourism and economic development
  • Use staff resources to ensure Cambridge is a community where arts, culture and events are celebrated, encouraged and recognized
  • Actively pursue opportunities to enter into partnerships with neighbourhood organizations, community groups, sports associations, other agencies or the private sector to deliver enhanced facilities, programs and services