Advisory Committee and Board members contribute to the development of policies, procedures and initiatives by providing their expertise to the Mayor and Council.  These groups work with Council to improve services and programs for the community.

The City of Cambridge has over twenty Advisory Committees and Boards, ranging in scope from economic development to arts and culture to environment.  A full list of Advisory Committees and Boards can be found below.

To learn more about Advisory Committees and Boards, view our brochure or our Advisory Committee by-law


How to Apply

To apply for an Advisory Committee or Board, please fill out an application form. Application forms are also available in person at the Clerk's Office. Applications can be made for multiple committees on separate forms. All appointed members are required to act in accordance with the City of Cambridge's Code of Conduct for Local Boards and Advisory Committees.

*Please note that some committees and boards require a police check. 

Current Advisory Committee and Board Vacancies

Cultural Awards Advisory Committee - 2 vacancies

Committee of Adjustment - 1 vacancy

Economic Development Advisory Committee - 1 vacancy (Business Representative)

Cambridge Farmer’s Market Advisory Committee - 1 vacancy

Cambridge Cycling and Trails Advisory Committee - 1 vacancy

Dog Muzzling Appeal Committee- 2 vacancies


April 22, 2022  

The City is currently seeking Expressions of Interest from members of the public who would like to join the Citizen Committee for Council Compensation.  To be eligible to participate on this committee, individuals must meet one of the below five (5) criteria: 

  • Be a member of the business community;
  • Be a member of the healthcare community;
  • Be a member of the non-profit sector;
  • Be a member of the educational community; or 
  • Be a member of the organized labour community.

Preference will be given to members of the public who have backgrounds or experience in human resources, finance, compensation methodology or similar fields.

More information on the Council Committee for Council Compensation and it's mandate can be found below.  To submit an Expression of Interest to participate on this committee please contact

To learn about upcoming Board and/or Committee meetings, view our Council and Committee Calendar.

Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Cambridge Accessibility Advisory Committee advises Council on matters specific to accessibility, to enhance and improve community services for those residents living with a disability. We manage accessibility planning in accordance with Ontario accessibility laws and standards and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Staff Liaison: Robyn Hyland, Inclusion Coordinator

View the meeting agendas and minutes of the Accessibility Advisory Committee. 

Archives Board

The Archives Board promotes the collection, restoration, preservation and exhibition of items related to the social and economic history of the City of Cambridge, including:

  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Manuscripts

The Board also:

  • Ensures these documents are available to the general public to read, study and enjoy
  • Advises Council on archival issues
  • Supports the continued physical and financial development of the City of Cambridge Archives

Staff Liaison: Dan Schmalz, Information and Archives Analyst

View the meeting agendas and minutes of the Archives Board.

 Hall of Fame Committee

The Hall of Fame Committee is a Sub-Committee of the Archives Board and is responsible for reviewing nominations that have been submitted by the community. The Hall of Fame Committee consists of five members of the Cambridge Archives Board, three members of the general public and one inductee from the Hall of Fame. 

For more information, please visit our Hall of Fame webpage

Arthur White Sports Bursary Fund Committee

The Arthur White Sports Bursary Fund Committee provides financial assistance to:

  • Athletes who are residents of the City of Cambridge or registered members of a relevant athletic group in the city and are deserving of financial assistance
  • Any team or athletic group representing the City at the provincial, national or international level of competition and who is deserving of financial assistance

The basic source of funds is from the interest earned from a capital fund, which is held and invested as a Trust Account by the City of Cambridge. The City issues receipts for contributions to the fund, in accordance with Federal Income Tax requirements.

The Trustees have full authority in distributing the income of the fund. They also have the right to encroach on capital, subject to the conditions stated herein.

Learn about the awards and bursaries related to the Arthur White Sports Bursary Fund.

Staff Liaison: Don Crowder, Recreation Coordinator - Sports

View the meeting agendas and minutes of the Arthur White Sports Bursary Fund Committee.

Arts and Culture Advisory Committee

The Arts and Culture Advisory Committee makes recommendations and advises Council on matters related to arts and cultural activities in the community. The Committee also prepares an annual report to Council about the past year's arts and culture activity, including changes recommended for the current terms of reference, by October 31st of each year.

Encouraging cooperation between groups, institutions and individuals involved with arts and culture in Cambridge, the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee helps make decisions to enhance arts and culture opportunities to improve the quality of life for future generations.

Staff Liaison: Wanda Schaefer-Stilling, Supervisor of Arts, Recreation and Culture

View the meeting agendas and minutes of the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee.

Boulevard Appeal Committee

The Boulevard Appeal Committee hears and considers appeals of decisions made under the Boulevard By-Law.  The By-Law regulates the construction, maintenance and protection of boulevards within the city. It deals with such items as planting flowers, cutting grass, and placement of concrete or gravel on the boulevards.  The committee hears appeals from homeowners and affirms, rescinds or modifies the original decision.

Staff Liaison: Carla Wendorf, By-law Enforcement Clerk

Business Improvement Area (BIA) Boards

The City of Cambridge has a number of BIAs. A BIA is a Council-approved area made up of a community of businesses, as defined by each BIA's bylaw.

Through an elected Board of Managers, BIAs develop and carry out programs to improve, beautify, and market their area. They promote the businesses within the community and bring in customers. BIA programs may include:

  • Physical improvements to the area
  • Events
  • Markets and festivals
  • Promotional activities
  • Decor and enhancements
  • Advisory and advocacy subcommittees
  • Member communications

BIAs ensure that their area is well known by the public as an attractive, pleasant place to shop, to be entertained, and to work and live.

View our BIA Handbook for more information

Staff Liaison: Laura Pearce, Senior Economic Development Officer 

Galt on the Grand - Downtown Cambridge BIA

Galt on the Grand is Downtown Cambridge's BIA.  With about 250 members, this area is the largest of our three BIAs. Retail, commercial, service and office space users are all well represented within the membership cross-section. Galt on the Grand provides information on real estate availability, retail promotion, membership activities and available services.

View a map of the Galt area.

For more information, contact Executive Director of the Galt on the Grand - Downtown Cambridge BIA, Brian Kennedy

Downtown Cambridge BIA
P. O. Box 1723, Station Galt
55 Ainslie Street North
Cambridge, ON N1R 7G8

Phone: (519) 622-3510

Hespeler Village BIA

Hespeler Village consists mainly of businesses located along Queen Street with a total membership of about 40 businesses. Their goal is to rejuvenate community pride and business activity in the Hespeler area. The Hespeler BIA is experiencing amazing growth and boasts the lowest commercial vacancy rate of all three BIAs.

View a map of Hespeler Village.

To learn more, contact Executive Director of the Hespeler Village BIA, Brian Kennedy

Hespeler Village BIA
P.O. Box 29006, 101 Holiday Inn Drive
Cambridge, ON N3C 0A0

Phone: (519) 740-4650 ext. 7266

Preston Towne Centre BIA

The Preston Towne Centre district is mainly comprised of the former downtown of the town of Preston. Its boundaries stretch along King Street (Highway 8) from Waterloo Street to Dolph Street. The area has undergone two incredible expansions at the request of businesses wanting to become members. The Preston BIA is the second largest of Cambridge's three BIAs. 

View a map of the Preston Towne Centre BIA.

For more information, contact Preston Towne Center BIA Coordinator, Shirley Bowman:

Preston Towne Centre BIA
c/o Etcetera
761 King Street
Cambridge, ON N3H 3N7

Phone: (519) 653-5332


Cambridge 50+ Advisory Board

The Cambridge 50+ Advisory Board provides an opportunity for the four Cambridge Seniors Centres and tri-centre clubs and committees to communicate on matters related to older adults in the community and seniors services provided by the City. The Committee:

  • Discusses common issues
  • Recommends policies
  • Advises City staff on matters related to seniors and seniors services

Staff Liaison: Nicole Cichello, Supervisor of Recreation - Older Adult Services

View the meeting agendas and minutes of the Seniors Central Advisory Committee.

Cambridge Farmers' Market Committee

The Cambridge Farmers' Market Committee advises Council on strategies and policies to support the Cambridge Farmers' Market and McIntyre Place. The Committee also oversees the implementation of the Cambridge Farmers' Market Strategic Plan.

Staff Liaison: Alix Aitken, Market Manager

View the meeting agendas and minutes of the Cambridge Farmers' Market Committee.

Citizen Committee on Council Compensation 

The Province of Ontario through the Municipal Act, 2001 delegates City Council the authority to set its remuneration. Each term of Council, a Citizen Committee for Council Compensation is established to act as an independent body charged with reviewing and bringing forward recommended changes on renumeration, benefits and expenses for members of Council as well as any other additional policies for the offices of Mayor and Council.

Recommendations made by the committee are applied to the incoming term of Council.

This Terms of Reference will guide the committee in their role to advise Council on their findings and recommendations for remuneration for performing duties of their office and reimbursement of expenses that they incur in fulfilling their responsibilities for the City of Cambridge.


The Citizen Committee will be supported by staff from Human Resources, Finance and Clerk and will provide recommendations to City Council regarding renumeration, benefits and expenses for Members of Council as well as any other additional policies for the offices of Mayor and Council.

The Citizen Committee will complete a review of these areas and research best practices and make recommendations to inform the next term of Council being 2022-2026.

Goals and Objectives

The role of the committee is to review, research, consider and evaluate all aspects of compensation that it believes to be relevant to making recommendations.  The committee is asked to specifically consider the following:

  • Review the matter of compensation as it relates to public office by meeting with each current Member of Council
  • Review of a draft Mayor and Council expense policy for the roles and commitment required of Mayor and Council; and the City’s corporate objective to be fiscally responsible in allocation City resources;
  • Review the compensation package supported by market data and comparable municipalities in terms of scope, size and nature of work
  • Review the functions and responsibilities of Mayor and Council, the level of community engagement and time commitment required of individuals holding municipal office, including, but not limited to meetings, events, preparation time, and communication with the pubic;
  • Review the current Acting Mayor structure, the appointment of a Deputy Mayor and provide recommendations based on staff research and legislation related to the role of Acting or Deputy Mayor as well as by meeting with the current Members of Council
  • Oversee preparation and presentation of a final report and recommendations to Council for approval

Committee Composition

The committee will consist of five (5) members of the public appointed by City Council.

  • one member of the business community,
  • one member of the healthcare community,
  • one member of the non-profit sector,
  • one member of the educational community,
  • one member of the organized labour community,

The Chair of the committee will be chosen by the members at its first meeting. Members of the committee will undertake to attend each meeting as required and the committee will remain in force until Council approves recommendations on these matters, or such time as the committee is formally disbanded.

In the event a member is unable or unwilling to continue to serve, a replacement will be appointed by the City Clerk from the expressions of interest previously received. The members of the committee, including the Chair, shall serve in a volunteer capacity only with no remuneration other than for reasonable expenses incurred by attending meetings.



The committee will be established by April 2022 and will attempt to make its recommendations in respect of compensation for Council by June, 2022. The committee will remain in force until City Council approves recommendations on City Council remuneration or such time as the committee is formally disbanded by City Council.


The committee will report to City Council through the City Clerk who will present a covering report of the recommendations from the committee. All agenda and minutes of the committee will be posted on


The committee will meet a minimum of 4 times prior to May 31, 2022. Meetings will be called by the Clerk in consultation with the Chair.

Staff Resources

The Chief Financial Officer or designate, the City Clerk, Administrative Assistant to the City Clerk and the Director of Human Resources or designate will act as support for the committee.


Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment is a citizens group appointed by Council and governed by the Planning Act. The Committee makes decisions on applications for the following:

Minor Variance Applications
Consent Applications
  • Consent application form
  • Severance (creation) of new lots
  • Severance of existing semi-detached dwellings and linear townhouse dwellings
  • Lot additions (adding land to an existing property) or lot line adjustment
  • Granting of easements and right-of-ways
  • Technical severance and correction of title
  • Partial discharge of mortgages
  • Leases of lands for more than 21 years
  • Consent/Severance Question & Answer

To learning more about the Committee of Adjustment, the application process and meeting schedule please view the Committee of Adjustment Information Brochure.

Staff Liaison:  Edmund Carlson, Recording Secretary to Committee of Adjustment

View the meeting agendas and minutes of the Committee of Adjustment.

Community Wellbeing Advisory Committee

The Community Wellbeing Advisory Committee advises and assists the City in promoting and facilitating the safety, inclusion, belonging, and wellbeing of Cambridge residents through the guiding principles of Engage, Empower, and Educate.

The Community Wellbeing Advisory Committee provides advice to Council and City staff on complex social issues impacting City policies, programs, services, and strategies, providing actionable advice on the development of integrated community programs and strategies to address those issues.

There are 4 subcommittees of CWAC: 

  • Homelessness and Affordable Housing: to research and identify needs, gaps, and innovative solutions to address affordable housing and homelessness in Cambridge
  • Mental Health and Substance Use: to research the impact of mental health and problematic substance use, identify current systems and organizations of support, gaps and barriers in these systems, and ways to overcome those barriers
  • Community Safety: to understand community safety concerns from the Cambridge community, gather facts about community safety, identify resources and innovative solutions.
  • Opportunities for Youth and Older Adults: to make recommendations to the CWAC on current needs, gaps, and opportunities for youth and older adults in support of wellbeing.


Staff Liaison: Mallory Greenough, Council Committee Services Coordinator

View the Terms of Reference for the Community Wellbeing Advisory Committee.

Cultural Awards Committee

The Cultural Awards Committee administers the distribution of awards and expenses of the Bernice Adams Memorial Fund which honours former Alderman Bernice Adams. The Fund provides assistance to individuals or groups within the communications, arts and culture fields. 

The Committee recognizes special achievements of individuals or groups at the City of Cambridge's annual Bernice Adams Memorial Awards Event. Learn more by viewing our Events Calendar.

Staff Liaison: Nancy Movrin, Recreation Coordinator

View the meeting agendas and minutes of the Cultural Awards Committee.




Dog Muzzling Appeal Committee

The Dog Muzzling Appeal Committee holds hearings and makes decisions regarding appeals of a muzzling requirement issued under the City of Cambridge Dog By-Law 172-13. The Committee can only confirm, modify or withdraw orders from the By-Law Office related to dog muzzling.

Staff Liaison: Jennifer Shaw, Manager of Council & Committee Services / Deputy City Clerk 

View the meeting agendas and minutes of the Dog Muzzling Appeal Committee. 

Economic Development Advisory Committee

The Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) advises Council on economic development strategies and policies. The Committee also offers a forum for discussion and coordination of economic development initiatives and programs with other community groups and agencies.

Staff Liaison: James Goodram, Director of Economic Development

View the meeting agendas and minutes of the EDAC.

Environmental Advisory Committee

The Cambridge Environmental Advisory Committee (CEAC) advises Council on ways to protect, maintain and enhance the natural environment. The CEAC coordinates community efforts through the City Green Strategy and Cambridge Stewardship.

Staff Liaison:  Kathy Padgett, Senior Planner - Environment

View the meeting agendas and minutes of the CEAC. 


 Cambridge City Green
Cambridge City Green is a subcommittee of the CEAC. Working with communities, schools and business groups, Cambridge City Green volunteers help support various environmental projects in Cambridge.

This subcommittee also holds its own environmental events, including:

  • An annual event, such as a movie night or workshop
  • Cambridge Community Clean Up
  • Tree planting through the Cambridge Stewardship program

Interested in Cambridge City Green events? Join our MeetUP to receive online information and updates of City Green activities.

Grants Review Committee

The Grants Review Committee reviews all applications from community non-profit organizations for municipal financial assistance. The Committee also recommends levels of funding, based on their assessment process, to General Committee of Council.

Staff Liaison: Tyler Harding, Senior Financial Analyst 

View the meeting agendas and minutes of the Grants Review Committee.

Library Board

The Library Board manages, regulates and controls the Cambridge Public Libraries carrying on business as Idea Exchange under the terms and conditions of the Public Libraries Act. Members of this Board must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • A resident of the City of Cambridge
  • A Canadian citizen 

Staff Liaison: Helen Kelly, Idea Exchange Chief Executive Officer

View the meeting agendas and minutes of the Library Board.


Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee

A joint Municipal Elections Compliance Audit Committee (MECAC) has been established by the Region of Waterloo, Cities of Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener and Waterloo and Townships of North Dumfries, Wellesley, Wilmot and Woolwich. When an application for a compliance audit is received, a meeting is held in the applicable municipality. 

The Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee (MECAC) reviews all applications filed in accordance with Section 81 of the Municipal Elections Act (MEA). Section 81 allows an elector to apply for a compliance audit of a candidate's election campaign finances if they believe that the candidate has broken any regulations outlined in the MEA.

City meeting procedures and MEA regulations must be followed when applying for an audit. Any application which does not meet the legislative deadline for submission will not be presented to the Committee for review.

Staff Liaison: Danielle Manton, City Clerk

Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee

The Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (MHAC) advises and assists Council on matters related to the Ontario Heritage Act (Part 4 and 5). The MHAC also assists Council with the implementation of policies and programs related to the Built Heritage Resources, such as the City of Cambridge's Official Plan.

Staff Liaison: Laura Waldie, Heritage Planner

View the meeting agendas and minutes of the MHAC. 

Property Standards Committee

The Property Standards Committee makes decisions regarding appeals related to the Minimum Standards By-Law regulations enforced by Property Standard Officers.

Staff Liaison: Carla Wendorf, By-Law Enforcement Clerk

View the meeting agendas and minutes of the Property Standards Committee.

Cycling and Trails Advisory Committee

The Cambridge Cycling and Trails Advisory Committee (CCTAC) advises Council on policy, planning, development and implementation of public trails and related off-road and on-road cycling and active transportation facilities. The Committee's main goal is to implement the recommendations of the following plans:

Staff Liaison: Claire Mcloughlin, Landscape Architect and Lisa Chominiec, Sustainable Transportation Coordinator

View the meeting agendas and minutes of the CTAC.

Youth Advisory Committee of Council

The Youth Advisory Committee of Council (YACC) works with the City of Cambridge Community Services department to raise awareness and organize positive youth action within our community. 

The YACC also gives input about youth programs to help evaluate existing programs and establish new programs. The Committee actively seeks input and involvement from youth in the community.

Staff Liaison: Heather Melo, Recreation Coordinator - Youth

View the meeting agendas and minutes of the YACC.