Who is my Ward Councillor? Find out what Ward I am in

City Council members

Kathryn McGarry, Mayor

Mayor McGarry

Phone: (519) 740-4517 ext. 4215

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Mayor McGarry's Biography

Donna Reid, Ward 1 Councillor

Portrait of Councillor Donna Reid

Phone: (519) 740-4517 ext. 4741 or

(519) 249-0993

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Councillor Reid's Biography


 Mike Devine, Ward 2 Councillor

Portrait of Councillor Mike Devine

Phone: (519) 740-4517 Ext 4731

Fax: (519) 740-4663

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Councillor Devine's Biography


Mike Mann, Ward 3 Councillor

Portrait of Councillor Mike Mann

Phone: (519) 740-4517 ext. 4734

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Jan Liggett, Ward 4 Councillor

Portrait of Councillor Jan Liggett

Phone: (519) 740-4517 ext. 4732

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Pam Wolf, Ward 5 Councillor

Portrait of Councillor Pam Wolf

Phone: (519) 740-4517 ext. 4755

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Councillor Wolf's Biography

Shannon Adshade, Ward 6 Councillor

Portrait of Councillor Shannon Adshade

Phone: (519) 740-4517 ext. 4733

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Councillor Adshade's Biography


Scott Hamilton, Ward 7 Councillor

Scott Hamilton 


Phone: (519) 740-4517 ext. 4738

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Councillor Hamilton's Biography


Nicholas Ermeta, Ward 8 Councillor

Portrait of Councillor Nicholas Ermeta

Phone: (519) 740-4517 ext. 4740

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Councillor Ermeta's Biography

Regional Councillors for Cambridge

Karl Kiefer

picture of Karl Kiefer

Phone: 519-575-4404 x 3408

Link: https://www.regionofwaterloo.ca/en/regional-government/councillor-karl-kiefer.aspx

Helen Jowett

picture of Helen Jowett

Phone: 226-750-8658

Link: https://www.regionofwaterloo.ca/en/regional-government/councillor-helen-jowett.aspx