In 2009, Cambridge City Council adopted the Children's Charter of Rights. The Human Services Advisory Committee developed the Charter to show the City's commitment to delivering the basic rights and freedoms all children deserve to reach their full potential.  

While families are responsible for raising their children, all levels of government, in partnership with the entire community, must devote a fair share of resources to provide families with support and social infrastructure to put the health and wellbeing of children first.

The Children's Charter of Rights states that all children have a right to:

  • Quality of life that meets their health, physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social needs
  • Nutritious food every day
  • Healthy environments and a safe and comfortable place to live
  • Quality and affordable child care, early learning programs and parenting support
  • Safe places and time to play
  • Affordable recreational activities
  • Quality education to enable them to reach their full potential
  • Quality time with their families and other nurturing
  • Positive role models throughout their childhood
  • Protection from neglect, abuse and exposure to violence, both in and out of the home
  • Safety from exploitation
  • Acceptance of who they are and their own beliefs without being discriminated against

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