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Galt 1842  Preston 1844   Hespeler 1856
3 Communities 1 Fire Department


2017 Marked the 175th Anniversary of Fire Fighting in Cambridge. Learn about the history of the fire department below.

 The Galt Fire Company No. 1

On June 9th 1842 the first fire company to be established in what is now known as The Regional Municipality of Waterloo was The Galt Fire Company No. 1 

Fire Company 1

 The Preston Fire Brigade

The Preston Fire Brigade originated in 1844, known as The Hook and Ladder Company. 

Fire Company Preston

 Hespeler (New Hope) Fire Fighting

Hespeler (New Hope) fire fighting got its start in 1856 with a hand-powered pumper. 

Fire Company Hespeler

The Cambridge Fire Department

On January 1st 1973 the three communities amalgamated, forming what is now, The Cambridge Fire Department.

Cambridge Fire Department Headquarters