Participate with your family in these engaging winter experiences. Enjoy an outdoor projection show and light displays, take a self-guided downtown Cambridge river walk, sign up for an online birdhouse making workshop, learn valuable outdoor sports and activity tips and lots more. 

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Virtual Snow Sculpting Club

Matt Morris Virtual Snow Sculpture photoJoin Matt Morris’s Virtual Snow Sculpting Club! This free program has members from across the region, Canada and even as far as the United States.

Matt lives in Waterloo and is an accomplished snow sculptor. His larger than life creations turn heads every winter. Matt’s spinning snow sculpture of Raptor’s basketball star Pascal Siakam received a lot of attention, including from the player himself who enthusiastically responded to a photo he saw of it. Matt has also created sculptures of Mick Jagger, Einstein, Moai heads, animated film characters, a variety of animals, as well as abstract designs and ideas.

In addition to the Club, Matt shares images of his sculptures on-line, as well as tips and techniques on how you can learn to make amazing snow sculptures through tutorials, videos and photographs. Check it out and then get outside and start snow sculpting!

Find out more about Matt by checking out this websiteTwitterInstagram or YouTube page

River Walk Highlights - Downtown Cambridge (Galt)

Explore the Grand River in downtown Cambridge on a sunny winter’s day! In addition to the beauty of this Canadian Heritage River, don’t miss the historic landmarks and other visual highlights along the way. Here is a small sample of what makes walking along the river such a great experience.

Cambridge Sculpture Garden

This oasis in the city between Grand Avenue South and the river features both temporary and permanent sculptures by artists from across Ontario in a garden setting. Even in winter the location is idyllic and the sculptures will capture your imagination.

Craig’s Crossing 

craigs crossing photo

Linking the East River Walkway at Founders Point with the West River Walkway at Absalom’s Walk and the Cambridge Sculpture Garden, this pedestrian bridge, named after a former Mayor, offers an exceptional view of the River.  Be sure to come back in the evening when the bridge is colourfully lit.

Main Street Bridge and Central Presbyterian Church

7 Queens Square

This municipally and provincially heritage designated bridge, built in 1931, is one of several iconic bowstring arch bridges that span the Grand River. In recent years it has been featured as a prominent element in several movie and television scenes filmed in Cambridge.  Directly next to the bridge and river is the Central Presbyterian Church, built 1880-82, one of many beautiful historic churches in the downtown core.

Morris C. Lutz House, 60, Water Street N

Located near the intersection of Water and Thorne Streets, this small but striking heritage designated house faces a busy downtown with the backdrop of the steadily flowing river. It is one of the earliest surviving large stone dwellings built in the city, dating from 1849-51. Morris Lutz was Galt’s first Mayor, presiding over the inaugural council meeting in the old City hall.

Mill Race Park, 36 Water St N

Created in 1978 from the ruins of the former Turnbull Woolen Mill this park and landmark are a reminder of the rich history that surrounds the river. A unique stone amphitheatre forms part of the site and is a popular location for photography shoots and special events. Located on the corner of Water Street and Parkhill Road.

Winter Illumination 

Please visit Winter Illumination - City of Cambridge for more information.

Post Office Projection Show - 12 Water Street South

These shows have quickly become a community attraction and run nightly (Thursday to Sunday) Starting at 7pm, they run on the half hour ending at 9pm.  Content is scheduled to change seasonally and is appropriate for all ages.

NEW! Tune your car radio to fm 92.5 to listen to the music that has been choreographed with the show.

Point of Interest and Destinations

Galt Area Walking Tour and Points of Interest

In collaboration with Idea Exchange, the city of Cambridge Archives has developed an virtual walking tour of Galt

The City of Cambridge Archives has developed a list of points of interest for your exploration.  

Historic Cambridge Walking Tour

Enjoy this interactive map of historic locations throughout Cambridge. 

Cambridge Film Projects Walking Tour

The City of Cambridge is proud of the filming location maps that have been created. There is also a 

map specifically for Handmaid’s Tale filming locations.  


Neighbourly activities can include: 

  • Build a snowperson for a neighbour
  • Leave a friendly snow message on a car window
  • Shovel a neighbour's driveway

Greenway Chaplin Community Centre welcomes you to visit their programming page for updates at

Visit the Cambridge Associations webpage for more information about Cambridge’s Neighbourhood Associations.

Historical Photos from the City of Cambridge Archives

 taking photo of snowmanMen playing hockey on icekids on tobagganwoman carrying torch on streetwomen with group of kidspeople pushing car through snowpeople skating on outdoor rinkpeople skating on outdoor rinkkids playing hockey outside

For more photos and to find out about the City of Cambridge Archives go to:

Outdoor Winter Activities and Sports Tips

Getting Active This Winter

Winston Endall of SAIL Outdoors Cambridge has provided ways to keep active outdoors during the winter. 

Winter Hiking 101

Winter hiking is much like hiking any other time of year only it’s cold, snowy and slippery. With a few additions to your three season kit you can hike year round.

Snowshoeing 101 

When the snow gets too deep it makes walking really challenging. This is where snow shoes come into play. They spread your weight over a larger area reducing how much you sink in the snow.

Cross Country Skiing 101

If you are looking for a way to get fit and cover a lot of ground in the winter, nothing beats cross country skiing. 

The community is reminded to keep safety top of mind and adhere to pandemic guidelines on gathering and physical distancing. More information on COVID-19 protocols can be found here

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