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Enjoy these free on-line videos and activities brought to you by Recreation and Culture staff and instructors. Get creative, move your body and stay engaged!

Recreation & Sport

Our activities will keep you on the go and moving at home.
  • Join Victor for Karate (print out) - work on your self defense focusing on the use of hands, elbows, knees, or feet to defeat opponents. 
  • Super Hero exercises (video)  - Join the coaches from our program partner Sportball for fun super hero exercises to keep the kids engaged and active.
  • Go Camping (video) - Join the coaches from our program partner Sportball for some engaging and active fun in anticipation of our beloved summer vacation of camping.

Fitness & Wellness

Stay active and healthy at home with our workouts.
  • Foundational Pilates (video) - Join Beth for Pilates while she concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength.
  • Older Adult workout #4 (video) - This class that will improve your strength, flexibility, cardio and balance with the use of resistance bands.
  • H.i.i.T Legs & Core (video) - Focus on legs and core strength. Dumbbells and mat needed.
  • Older Adult workout #3 (video) -  A gentle low impact class that will improve your strength, flexibility, and balance. This class can be done seated or standing
  • H.i.i.T Cardio & Abs (video) - This class is a no repeat movements class, with cardio and ab exercises.

  • Pilates workout (video) - You will want a yoga/pilates mat and if you have weighted balls, 2 lbs are a nice addition but not necessary. 
  • Older Adult workout #2 (video) - A second segment of a gentle low impact class.
  • Full Body Workout H.i.i.T (video) - This full body workout is rigorous interval training sequence with focus on arms, legs, and core. Dumbbells and mat needed.

  • Older Adult workout (video) - A low impact full body gentle workout to get your body moving. All you need is a chair.
  • Strength H.i.i.T (video) - A full body workout with the use of dumbbells, that will leave you sweating!

  • Strength Training (video) - Experience the benefits of resistance training at an introductory level. Strengthen bones and muscles as you learn safe and proper execution of techniques involved in resistance training.

  • H.i.i.T (video) - A high energy combination class which may include; muscular endurance, core, cardio and a relaxing stretch segment.
  • Yoga Series: Gentle Sun Salutations (video) - follow along with yoga teacher Tammy as she guides you through a short and sweet Sun Salutation flow in her first video in a 4 week series.

  • Yoga Series: Hip Opening Yoga (video) - In Tammy's final video of the series as she focuses on poses that involve the muscles around the hips and pelvis.
  • Yoga Series: A Floor Sequence (video) - In Tammy's second video she guides you through a more calming grounded practice of floor yoga.
  • Yoga Series: Chair Yoga (video) - in the third video of the series, Tammy guides you through a gentle yoga using a chair to sit or support yourself while standing.
  • Low Impact Fitness workout (video) - An aerobics class with joint friendly low impact movements, and no weights needed.
  • Cycle - Hills and resistance workout (video) - Hills are nature’s gym – they help build strength. Jump on your bike for our spinning class, you will be lead through instruction alternating between seated and standing climbs.
  • Yoga #2 workout (video) - Our second installment of this gentle program of stretching, strengthening, breathing and relaxation with Tammy.
  • Yoga workout (video) - A gentle program of stretching, strengthening, breathing and relaxation with Tammy.
  • Total Body Fusion #2 workout (video) - This second total body workout uses a variety of exercises to give your muscles solid strength and endurance with the use of bands.
  • Total Body Fusion workout (video) - This total body workout use a variety of exercises to give your muscles a solid strength and endurance workout without any equipment.
  • Join Jill for Stroller Fit (print out) - Enjoy a walk or jog with intervals of yoga, ab blasts, cardio and stretching with your small children.
  • Mother & Daughter Yoga #2 workout (video) - Our second installment of this wonderful program released in honour of Mother’s Day will guide you through poses connecting you and your child(ren).
  • Mother & Daughter Yoga workout (video) - Grab your child(ren) or partner for a series of gentle posture exercises connecting your breathing and increasing strength, balance and flexibility.
  • Baby & Me Yoga workout (video) - Be guided through a series of yoga poses designed to let your baby roam throughout the workout.

Arts & Culture

Drawing, painting, guitar, piano, drum lessons and more!
  • Start with Drums (video) Part 1 & Part 2 - Learn to play the world's most popular drum beat.
  • Character Creation, the head and face (video) - Join Alfredo and follow along with him in his easy to follow video and you will soon be on your way to creating your own characters.

  • Getting started with Guitar - Part 1 & Part 2 (video) - Learn to change chords correctly in the first segment and learn to strum quickly and correctly with our second.
  • Expressions (video) - Anyone can learn to draw: Learn to draw face expressions.

  • Getting started with Piano (video) - Learn to play the "Imagination Song" for beginners of all ages.
  • Happy Duck In PhotoShop For Beginners (video) - Ink and colour a Video Game Character using Photoshop

  • Happy Duck Sketch And Ink (video) - Join the Cambridge Centre for the Arts because anyone can learn to draw: Sketch and Ink a Video Game Character.

  • One Craft 3 Different Ways (video) - Join camp leader Alycia in making a colourful craft out of recycled household items! Alycia will demonstrate three different designs for DIY greeting cards that you can make for yourself or send to a friend. Great for youth ages 8-12.

  • Coffee Body Scrub (video) - This simple beauty recipe for body scrub is a great DIY project using only 3 at home ingredients.
  • Animal Pencil Holder (video) - Our camp staff will help you create your own pencil holder for your online school desk with your favourite animal.

  • Toilet Paper Roll Crayon (video) - Join our camp staff to create your own set of cute crayons using recycled materials from home.

  • Zumba (video) - A fast-paced cardio workout combining dance steps like salsa, merengue and reggae tone.
  • Canadian Art Project (video)- An online art project with local artist and instructor Maria Sousa-Rovers showing participants how to paint a large maple leaf surrounded by scenes and images in the style of famous Canadian artists.

Lifestyle and Leisure

Includes cooking lessons, meditation and stretching exercises!
  • Not a born chef? Join the City of Cambridge's own Chef Paul B as we whip up delicious meals, desserts and more! Start Cooking Today!
  1. Roasted Portuguese Chicken (video) - Not able to travel to Portugal? Why not bring the taste of Portugal home this summer.

  2. Strawberry Shortcake (video) - Enjoy a tasty Strawberry Short Cake for long weekend parties.

  3. Cereal Bars (video) - A new twist on an old classic, cereal bars for on the go summer.

  4. Strawberry Salad (video) - Support our strawberry farms this season, use this salad recipe at your next summer BBQ

  5. Hawaiian Meatballs (video) - Cooking in this heat can be hot, use a crockpot to cook our wonderful meal and keep your house cool while you make cooking simple.

  6. Frittata (video) - Continue cooking with our easy healthy Frittata!
  7. Lemon Cheesecake Mousse (video) - Our Mother's Day inspired no-bake dessert that is a tasty treat.
  8. Shrimp Linguine (video) - A simple, flavourful and incredibly hearty pasta!
  9. Father's Day Chicken Wings (video) - For father’s day,  we had you treat your dads with a delicious chicken wing dinner, try it again! - 
  • Mindfulness of Breathing (video) - Be guided toward mindful breathing and affirmations. During these challenging times, it is important to be present in the moment and look forward to the time when we can be with friends and family again.
  • Desk Stretches (video) - Take some time to do a little movement throughout the day in the comfort of your home office.
  • Meditation (video) - Different techniques will be explored to help you deal more effectively with stress and increase your health and wellness.
  • Gardening Stretches (video) - Gardening can do wonders for your health but don’t forget the importance of stretching before and after to avoid injury.

WOW - Stay Social

Keep engaged with telephone and virtual programming

WOW - Without Walls

We’re pleased to offer WOW Social, an extension of the Without Walls (WOW) telephone service that’s open to all older adults in the City. This program offers groups of 5 to 10 people the opportunity to get together over the phone for conversation, trivia games, bingo, and even musical sessions.

Sessions will be offered Monday or Thursdays for 30 minutes in duration. Examples of activities being planned for WOW Social include:

  • Musical entertainment
  • Fitness and exercise programs
  • Health & wellness – meditation, mindfulness, caregiver support
  • Brain games & trivia
  • Education and information
 How to participate

Different themes and programs will be offered each day. Those interested can check the program schedule to decide which days they want to participate. Participants must register in advance for their chosen days. For those participating in the program for the first time, or those requiring support to set up an account, please allow up to 48 hours for initial enrollment.   

To register online, click on the schedule above to register for your session, or call Friendly Visiting Team at (519) 623-1340, Ext. 4820 or email friendlyvisiting@cambridge.ca if you require assistance.

WOW Social is free however some sessions have limited space. Waitlists will be available for sessions that are full and recreation staff will schedule additional sessions if needed.


WOW Schedule
Date Topic

October 2

October 5 

October 9

October 12

October 13

October 16

October 19

October 23

October 26

October 27

October 30

Living in the Country

Thanksgiving Facts

Closed for Thanksgiving

Fall Reminiscing

Butterflies with Margaret

Sage Plants

Have you ever?

Harry Houdini

Discussion Group


Halloween Discussion

WOW Respectful Conduct Policy:

To promote a welcoming and safe setting for all, we ask that participants observe our WOW Respectful Conduct Policy:

  • to participate in a kind and respectful manner
  • to create an inclusive environment that honours people of all cultures, traditions, faiths, genders, sexual orientation, abilities, and life experiences
  • to respect all group members and their opinions, even if they differ from your own
  • to allow the facilitator, volunteer or guest speaker to lead the conversation or activity
  • to allow everyone a chance to speak and participate by not dominating conversations
  • to maintain confidentiality – information that is shared on the call by others should be kept private and confidential



We at the City of Cambridge want to ensure that everyone stays safe while in and around water.  Join us for our #WaterSafetyAtHome activities as each month we highlight an important drowning prevention message. 


Stay Connected

Keep in touch with your community through these social media links. 

  • Youth Instagram - follow our youth account for updates and posts on youth-related news in Cambridge.
  • 50+ Centres Facebook - missing your fellow 50+ recreation centre visitors? Follow our Facebook page dedicated to posting older adult-related news in Cambridge.  Your 50+ Centres team has also compiled community resources for all aspects of recreation and leisure for older adults while practicing social distancing.
  • City of Cambridge Facebook and Twitter - follow these accounts for city-wide updates and information.
  • Cambridge Farmers Market - follow them on social or the market has developed a really great recipe book for your cooking enjoyment.

Cambridge Neighbourhood Associations

Check out the amazing things that the various neighbourhood associations of Cambridge are doing.

 Allison Neighbourhood Association
Allison neighbourhood community centre strives to provide inclusive enriching programs, services, and community events where communities can grow together.  We continue to provide opportunities to connect from home during COVID-19. We are excited to grow with you! 
 Fiddlesticks Community Centre
The Fiddlesticks Community Centre is a registered charity that is continuously growing and evolving through input from our neighbours. They are a community development organization focusing on youth leadership development, are volunteer driven, and cost effective. They strive to foster the development and implementation of programs and events to involve all age ranges, and encourage volunteer participation. Visit their Website to learn more.
 Greenway Chaplin Community Centre
Greenway-Chaplin Community Centre connects community members by offering neighbours and friends recreational, educational, and supportive programs. These programs are now being offered virtually on our social media platforms, including our Facebook page.
 Langs Farm Village Association
Langs continues our commitment to serve the community, while ensuring the safety of our staff and neighbours. For more information about our virtual programs and services, please visit our website.
 Preston Heights Community Group
The Preston Heights community group is offering virtual programming for children, youth and families. We have a roster of activities designed to engage and entertain children and youth at home as well as get the whole family involved. All are welcome to join and participate. For more information email justinw@prestonheights.ca.
 Silverheights Neighbourhood Association
Silverheights neighbourhood association is excited to offer virtual programming during this time.  We offer a variety of programs and activities, from live art and cooking classes to our Kids Boredom Busters to Zoom programs.  Please note that zoom programs do require registration. Program information available on our website.