Welcome Back! We've missed you!

To maintain the safety of patrons and staff and prevent the spread of COVID-19, City of Cambridge Recreation Facilities will look different upon re-opening. 

This includes the requirement for all users to reserve their time slot in advance to allow us to ensure physical distancing is maintained and provide time for additional cleaning.

Arrival, Check-In, and Exiting:

  • There will be no access to the Centres until the scheduled start time.  
  • Those arriving early must maintain physical distancing while lining up
  • 5 minutes before the scheduled start time, staff will check in those who are already waiting outside the entrance.
  • Sanitize your hands upon entering the facility.
  • Observe signage provided, follow designated paths of entry and exit.


This is how we are keeping you and our staff safe! 

 Cleaning Touchpoints Regularly 
 After each program, our instructors or cleaning staff will be cleaning doorhandles, stairwell railings, 
 Deep Cleaning at Night
 Each one of our facilities have dedicated cleaning staff ready to sanitize the entire building, allowing us to be ready for the next morning of people arriving at our building
 Active Screening
When you register for your program you will be asked Covid 19 related questions however we will be asking you to review these questions again, as you arrive at our facility.  If you can answer all of the questions successfully, our front door greeter will direct you to your class.  
 Contact Tracing
 In the case that a patron falls ill during their stay at the facility, or later we require all patrons that enter our building to be registered.  This will allow Public Health to better contact everyone that may have been in contact with that person.
 Practice Physical Distancing
We've tried hard to remove extra seating, provide markers where patrons can stand and we have moved equipment so that staff and patrons can continually maintain the six feet distance expected by our Public Health
 All Staff and Patrons are asked to wear a mask
 Waterloo Region currently has a mask bylaw asking public to wear a mask in public space.
 Hand Sanitizer and Frequent Hand Washing
We have strategically placed hand sanitizer in areas with frequent pedestrian traffic.  We also encourage washing your hands in any of our washrooms.