Important reminders to help you have the best experience at our facilities:

  • Please stay home if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Some drop-in recreation programs require pre-registration.
  • As capacity limits are removed, we continue to recommend physical distancing wherever possible.
  • We continue to strongly recommend that any food and beverages be consumed while seated in spectator areas only.

The City of Cambridge continues to work together with Public Health to review the provincial regulations and update changes accordingly for municipal services, operations and programs.

COVID-19 safety measures

 Cleaning Touchpoints Regularly 
After each program, our instructors or cleaning staff will be cleaning door handles and stairwell railings. 
 Deep Cleaning at Night
Each one of our facilities have dedicated cleaning staff ready to sanitize the entire building, allowing us to be ready for the next morning of people arriving at our building.
 Practice Physical Distancing
We encourage social distancing while in programs
 Hand Sanitizer and Frequent Hand Washing
We have strategically placed hand sanitizer in areas with frequent pedestrian traffic. We also encourage washing your hand in any of our washrooms.