Coming this Spring - Adaptive Sports for Teens, Girls only Meditation, Stretching and Journaling class 

Coming this Summer - Youth trips, Skateboard Lessons, Leadership and Volunteering Opportunities

 We offer a variety of programs for youth: leadership, sport drop in’s, home alone, babysitting, arts and general interest. Have an idea for a youth program reach out to us at

The Cambridge Youth Appreciation Awards

Nominate a deserving youth for one of many City of Cambridge Youth Awards before April 28, 2024.
Nominators and nominees will be invited to attend the Youth Awards event on May 7, 2024 where winners will be announced.

• Rising Leader of the Year (12-14 yrs.)
• Change Maker
• Eco Activist
• Outstanding Citizen
• Artistic
• Athlete
• Resilient
• High Five Champion
• Equity Diversity and Inclusion
• Outstanding Youth Group

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Drop In Basketball
John Dolson Centre Tuesday 6-7:30 p.m. Ages 10-13
W.G. Johnson Centre Friday 6-7:30 p.m. Ages 10-13
W.G. Johnson Centre Friday 7:30-9 p.m. Ages 14+



Junior Leaders 10-12 years

This is a 12-week program or 1 week camp. Youth will learn the fundamentals of being a community leader through hands-on games and activities.

Connect with for more information. 


Community Engagement – Highschool Age

Aims to promote civic awareness and engagement amongst youth by providing them with training workshops to enhance their leadership capabilities and empower them to participate in the decision-making processes in their community.

Connect with for more information. 


LIT Camp

Participants will receive two certifications, HIGH FIVE Principles of Healthy Child Development, and Standard First Aid with CPR C. As well as cover basic procedures and program planning to be able to volunteer and assist in camps or programs. 


Youth Committees

The City of Cambridge encourages youth to get involved in the community by joining one of our youth committees.


Youth Advisory Committee of Council

Being a part of the Youth Advisory Committee of Council (YACC) provides youth ages 13-24 years to learn more about their community and how to get involved. The committee provides insight to City staff and Council on Cambridge youth needs and supports youth focused activities and involvement.  The committee is in need of additional youth representation to ensure aspects of youth needs are being met in Cambridge. For further information visit our Statutory Board and Advisory Committees page.

Cambridge Bike Park Committee
The Cambridge Bike Park Committee is focused on developing and implementing community programming at our Bike Parks. The committee will have the responsibility of assisting in developing programs (workshops, lessons, and competitions) at the parks. 


Cambridge Skateboard Park Committee

The City of Cambridge will be supporting the development of a Skateboard Park Committee. The committee is being developed based on the needs of programming and park development. Cambridge is fortunate to have such giving community members whom to date have made the events and activities at our parks a success. The new committee will have the responsibility of assisting in developing programs (workshops and competitions) at the skateboard parks. 


For more information or to apply to become a committee member, please email the Youth Recreation Coordinator.

Youth Appreciation Awards

2024 Awards

The Cambridge Youth Appreciation Awards provide opportunity to recognize and honor the talents and contributions of young people ages 12 to 24 within our community. The purpose of the Youth Appreciation Awards is to promote a positive image of young people and to generate awareness of the valuable efforts made by youth within our community.

Nominated youth will be recognized at the Community Youth Appreciation Awards on May 7, 2024. The Cambridge Youth Appreciation Awards aims to recognize youth living or attending school in Cambridge between the ages of 12-24 years.

Rising Leader of the Year Age 12-14 years

Awarded to a youth who started an initiative which made a positive impact within their community, showing growing leadership skills and outstanding potential as representatives of the community.

Youth Change Maker

Awarded to an individual, who demonstrates advocacy and awareness for social change.

Youth Eco Activist

Awarded to a youth who exhibits care and discern for the environment and is actively trying to leave the planet a better place for future generations.

Outstanding Citizen

Awarded to a youth who acts out of the kindness of their heart and commits to selfless acts to better the lives of others.

Youth Artistic

Awarded to a youth demonstrating a long-term commitment to the arts, who has used their talents for the benefit of the community in one or more of these areas; multimedia, theatre, dance, music, visual arts.

Youth Athlete

Awarded to a youth who exemplifies good sportsmanship and who has made an exceptional contribution to the sporting community, on or off the field.

Resilient Youth

This award recognized individual youth who have achieved considerable progress in a particular part of their life exhibiting the ability and commitment for personal change and growth.

High Five Champion

This award will recognize youth who are trained in HIGH FIVE and who help children in their programs to build Friends, Master skills, Play with intention, participate in programs and show children what a caring leader looks like.

Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

The EDI award is being presented to a youth, in recognition and celebration of their many contributions and efforts towards promoting and creating an inclusive and welcoming community.

Outstanding Youth Group

Awarded to any group that collaborates to make a positive impact within the community; an after-school group, a community youth group, or a group of friends who are paving positive pathways.


Youth Appreciation Awards form

Cambridge Bike Park

Learn more about the Cambridge Bike Park.

Cambridge Skateboarding Park

Please be advised that the Cambridge Skateboarding Park is now closed for the season.

Learn more about the Cambridge Skateboarding Park.

Youth Volunteer Opportunities

We offer many volunteer opportunities for youth. Please connect with the youth coordinator for more information at

National Youth Week

National Youth Week is a week dedicated to celebrating youth and their active participation in the community. It's a time to recognize and honour youth involvement. This year we are moving to an entire month of events throughout to celebrate.  

Child and Youth Mental Health Week

About 500,000 (1 in 5) children and youth in Ontario have a mental health issue. Disorders include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Conduct disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • Psychosis
  • Bi-polar disorder

Left untreated, mental health disorders can lead to trouble in school, family conflicts, drug abuse and even suicide.

Child and Youth Mental Health Week aims to increase awareness of the signs of child and youth mental health issues and decrease stigma. This week is also lets people know that help is available and treatment can work.

To find out ways to get help, please visit 'Here 24/7' or call 'Here 24/7' at 1-844-437-3247

OK2BME Cambridge

There is now an OK2BME Youth Group in Cambridge!  OK2BME's LGBTQ2+ Youth Group is a social and recreational group for LGBTQ2+ youth ages 13-18. This group provides facilitated support, social and leadership opportunities for youth. This youth group is a collaboration between the OK2BME program at KW Counselling Services, Idea Exchange and the City of Cambridge. The group is facilitated by trained, supportive LBGTQ2+ and allied professionals. For more information, visit the OK2BME Cambridge Website.

Cambridge has many recreational opportunities for youth in the community. Awarded the Youth Friendly Community Recognition Award through Play Works Cambridge supports youth (ages 13 to 19) by providing opportunities for growth and development through many activities, such as sports, arts, volunteering and youth leadership.

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