The City of Cambridge has more than 50 km of natural and urban trails. Some of our trails even run along the Speed and Grand Rivers!

Learn more about the Cambridge trail system.

  • Please be advised that the Dan Spring Way Bridge between the Waterscape Condos to Dando Street is closed until further notice. Trail rules to follow are set out below:
  • Please be advised that the Dundas St underpass will be closed until further notice.
  • Please be advised that the Devil's Creek trail will be closed from the CN tunnel to Blenheim Rd. until the Blenheim Rd. realignment and culvert work are completed. It is estimated that the trail will be re-opened
    November 2020.
  • A section of trail within Dumfries Conservation Area in Cambridge will be temporarily closed from August 31 through September 4 in order to undertake tree maintenance along a hydro corridor that runs through the park. Trail closure signs will be posted on the 300m section of trail off Dunbar Road, and access will not be permitted. For further information, please visit the Grand River website.

Please view our trail rules and etiquette to ensure that all trail users can have a safe and enjoyable time.

 On shared pathways
  • Ride, walk or jog in a predictable manner.
  • Keep to the right of the path.
  • Cyclists slow down when approaching pedestrians.
  • Cyclists use bell or voice to warn others when passing.
  • Form a single line when meeting others in a congested area.
  • Leash and pick up after dogs.
  • Respect the environment and adjacent properties.
  • Horse riding is prohibited on all trails.
 On scenic or connector routes
  • Cyclists ride with the direction of traffic, and obey all the rules of the road.
  • Cyclists are subject to the Motor Vehicle Act.
 Dogs on the trail system
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times on trails and in parks unless otherwise specified.
  • Owners must clean up after their dog(s) at all times. Please remember to "stoop and scoop."
  • Dogs are not allowed off-leash on the trail system.
 Motorized vehicles
  • Motorized vehicles are not permitted on the trails.
  • Electric bicycles and scooters are not permitted on any trail. 
 Accessible vehicles
  • Accessible motorized vehicles are permitted on all trails.

Cycling trails

Learn about cycling in Cambridge.

Trail list

View a list of our trails below. 

Blair Trail
The Blair Trail is 0.5 km long and begins at Fountain Street, Cambridge.
Bob McMullen Linear Trail

The Bob McMullen Linear Trail is a 3.2 km long stone dust trail located in the Preston area of Cambridge. The trail travels from Hamilton Street to the Preston Auditorium, along the Grand and Speed Rivers. This is also a great trail for bird watching. You may also see a variety of butterflies!

This trail passes the site of the original Mennonite meetinghouse, the Jacob Hespeler Raceway, and the Rock Springs Brewery.

Note: The bridge has re-opened.

Brewster Trail
Located in the Hespeler area, the popular Brewster Trail is 1 km long. It has a paved stretch of trail from Hammet Street to Queen Street for use all-year-round. Signs along the trail allow for shared use by cyclists, hikers and rollerbladers.
Cambridge to Paris Rail Trail

The Grand River Conservation Authority operates the 18 km long Cambridge to Paris Rail Trail. The trail follows the old roadbed of the Lake Erie and Northern Railway between Cambridge and the Town of Paris.

The trail is level and is finished with fine gravel, providing an easy path for cyclists and hikers. It also overlooks the Grand River.

Note:  The trail will be closed to pedestrian and bicycle traffic from 8am until 4:30pm on December 12-16th for scheduled trail maintenance.

Devil's Creek Trail

The Devil's Creek Trail is 1.6 km long and runs through sensitive wetlands. It is the ideal hike for those who love nature.

We have recently made improvements to this trail, including a boardwalk and several signs along the path.

Parking is available on both Bismark Drive and Blair Road near the trail.

Grand Trunk Trail

The Grand Trunk Trail travels for 7.5 km along the Grand River. On this trail, you can look for the Galt Fossil within the limestone at the Davidson Quarry Ramp way. You can also enjoy the picnic and boat launch facilities at Riverbluffs Park, home of the Cambridge Rowing Club and the annual "Riverfeet" celebration.

The trail continues to the Parkhill Road Bridge, where it meets the Living Levee Trail.

Parking is available at the Trans Canada Trail pavilion.

Living Levee Trail

CONSTRUCTION NOTICE – Please be aware the City plans to replace the south footbridge in Mill Race Park (closest to L.A. Frank’s) in the fall of 2019.  Some trail closures may apply during construction.  Notices will be posted on site.  Thank you for your patience as we make improvements to our trails!

The Living Levee Trail is a 2.4 km long urban trail. It travels from the Park Hill Dam, along the Dan Spring Way, past Galt Collegiate Institute to Augusta Street. You can continue south along Water Street, past Barradell's Loft on the river's west side, to Absalom Walk. Here you can pass the sculpture gardens, McDougall's Cottage Interpretive Centre and the factory mill outlets. This path continues to Waterworks Park.

You can park at one of the city lots in the area of Mill Race Park.

Mill Creek Trail
A detour east from the Living Levee Trail along Main Street takes you to the newly paved 800 m long Mill Creek Trail. This trail passes the historic Galt Arena Gardens to Soper Park. The trail follows the 1850 Great Western Rail Line.
Mill Pond Trail

The 8 km Mill Pond Trail has entrances at Guelph Avenue and Baldwin Drive. The trail has several surfaces, including pavement, stone dust and wood chips.

Please note that there are areas of steep ground on this trail.

The millpond on this trail feeds into Forbes Creek into the Speed River.

Parking is available on Baldwin Drive.

Mill Run Trail

The Mill Run Trail is a 5 km natural stone dust trail. There is a built-in boardwalk on the trail. The trail runs along the Speed River from Sheffield Street, under Highway 401, to Riverside Park, connecting Hespeler to Preston.

The trail follows the 1896 Galt, Preston, and Hespeler Electric Railway Line. It passes through the Chilligo conservation area and the former Idylwyld Park.

At Riverside Park, you can cross through the park to the King Street Bridge to Chopin Drive and the Linear Trail.

Moffat Creek Trail
The Moffat Creek Trail is an easy trail through Churchill Park on Myers Road. It is close to residential areas.
Northview Heights Trail

The paved Northview Heights Trail travels off-road from Dunbar Road to a new entrance at Avenue Road. The trail connects several neighbourhoods and crosses through Greenway Park.

The trail provides a number of neighbourhoods with easy access to the Cambridge Centre mall without having to use a vehicle.

Portuguese Swamp Trail
The Portuguese Swamp Tramp runs through a wetland area. It is home to several species of amphibians.
Silverheights Trail
Silverheights Trail runs through Silverheights Park alongside Hespeler Road. The park is located behind a residential development with several walkways into the park to connect to the trail.
Walter Bean Trail

The Walter Bean Trail is a safe and wide trail that is an excellent trail for walking, jogging, and biking during warmer months. The trail is a popular spot for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and hiking in winter months.

The trail runs through Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Woolwich and North Dumfries. On the Cambridge section of the trail, you will pass the historic village of Blair and the Cruickston Park estate.

Woodland Park Trail
The Woodland Park Trail travels through forest in Hespeler, from Queen Street to Winston Boulevard.