The Community Services department books more than 140 sports fields at more than 60 locations, including:

  • Premium fields (best fields, usually irrigated and with field lighting)
  • Major fields
  • Minor fields (generally public school fields) 

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In accordance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, the City of Cambridge does not allow smoking and/or vaping in sporting areas, spectator areas and areas within 20 metres of any sporting or spectator areas.

Sports fields by community

Below is a list of sports fields in Cambridge communities.

Central West
  • Comdev Indoor Soccer
  • Coronation School (baseball and soccer)
  • Grandview School (baseball)
  • Otto Klotz Park (baseball)
  • Parkway School (baseball and soccer)
  • Preston High School (soccer)
  • Preston Legion, Civic Park (baseball)
  • Riverside Park, Bill Struck Field (soccer)
  • Riverside Park, Intermediate 1, 2 and 3 (soccer)
  • Riverside Park, Kin 1 (baseball)
  • Riverside Park, Kin 2 (baseball)
  • Riverside Park, Mickler Field (baseball)
  • Riverside Park, Mini's (4 soccer fields)
  • Riverside Park, Rogers Field, (soccer)
  • Riverside Park, Savage Field/Optimist Field (baseball)
  • Riverside Park, White, And Yellow (softball)
  • Ryerson School (baseball and soccer)
  • Saint Joseph's School (baseball and soccer)
  • Saint Michael's School (baseball)
  • Studiman Park (baseball)
  • William G. Davis School (baseball and soccer)
Cambridge North
  • Centennial School, Red, White, Green and Orange fields (baseball)
  • Hespeler Optimist Park (baseball)
  • Hespeler Optimist Park, Mini's (soccer)
  • Hespeler Public School (baseball, soccer)
  • Jacob Hespeler Secondary Lower (football)
  • Jacob Hespeler Secondary North (football)
  • Jacob Hespeler Secondary Upper (soccer)
  • Jacob Hespeler Secondary, Yellow, Blue and Black fields (baseball)
  • Our Lady Of Fatima (baseball)
  • Sault Park (baseball and soccer)
  • Silverheights School (baseball)
  • Saint Elizabeth School (soccer)
  • Victoria Park Cambridge North (baseball)
Central East
  • A. Wayne Taylor Park, Mother Theresa School (SB1 Red baseball)
  • A. Wayne Taylor Park, Saginaw Public (SB2 Green baseball)
  • Avenue Road School (baseball and soccer)
  • Christ The King School (baseball and soccer)
  • Clemens Mills School (Junior soccer)
  • Elgin Street School (baseball and soccer)
  • Gordon Chaplin Park (baseball and soccer)
  • Italian Club Of Cambridge (soccer)
  • Lions Can-Amera Park (baseball)
  • Lions Can-Amera Park, Mini's (3 soccer fields)
  • Manchester School (baseball)
  • Portuguese Club Of Cambridge (soccer)
  • Saint Benedict's High School (soccer)
  • Saint Peter's School (baseball)
South West
  • Dickson Park (baseball)
  • Galt Collegiate (Sc2 soccer)
  • Galt Collegiate Institute (Sc Main soccer)
  • Heise Park (baseball and soccer)
  • Highland School (baseball)
  • Sim Court Park (soccer)
  • Southwood Secondary School, Cam Allan Field (field hockey, soccer and track)
  • Saint Andrew's School (soccer)
  • Saint Augustines School (baseball and soccer)
  • Saint Gregory's School (baseball)
  • Stirling Macgregor Park (soccer)
  • Tait Street School (baseball)
  • Victoria Park, Galt (baseball and cricket pitch)
  • Waterworks Park (baseball)
  • Willard Park (baseball and soccer)
South East
  • Cambridge Christian School (baseball)
  • Central School (soccer)
  • Chalmers St School (baseball)
  • Churchill Park, Green White (baseball)
  • Churchill Park, Mini #4 (soccer)
  • Churchill Park, Mini 1, 2 And 3 (soccer)
  • Churchill Park, Yellow, Blue, Red - Baseball
  • DeCaro Park (soccer)
  • Forward Baptist Church (soccer
  • Glenview Park Secondary School (soccer)
  • Lincoln Park (baseball)
  • Monsignor Doyle High School (soccer)
  • Soper Park (baseball)
  • Saint Anne's School (baseball)
  • Saint Francis School (baseball)
  • Stewart Avenue School (soccer)