The Skate Parks are closed for the season along with our Graffiti wall.  Watch out for opening details in spring of 2024.  Follow us for updates on Instagram @cbridgeyouth. 

Coming back in the summer 0f 2024 we have our  Skate lessons returning!

Watch for more information this spring.  

Cambridge has three skateboard parks for the community to enjoy.

In accordance with The Smoke Free Ontario Act there is no smoking and/or vaping allowed within 20m of any skateboard facility.

Helmets and other safety equipment are strongly recommended.

Parks are not supervised.  Use at your own risk.

Who can I connect with if I have a concern/see a problem/report an injury?

Call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency.

Connect over Instagram at #cbridgeyouth

Email the Youth Coordinator -

Text or call 519-223-1383

Where are the Skate Parks?

Riverside Rails 

Located in Riverside Park at: 1850 Rogers Drive, Cambridge ON

The skate park features rails, stairs, ramps, a bowl and a smooth concrete surface.

Riverside Park is open from 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m., weather permitting.


Greengate Park Skateboard Dot

Located in Greengate Park at: 180 Maple Bush Drive, Cambridge, ON N1T 2C9

The Skateboard Dot has a long manual pad with a stacked ledge and a grind rail.

This park is open during daylight hours weather permitting.


Churchill Park Skateboard Spot 

Located in Churchill Park at: 200 Christopher Drive, Cambridge, ON N1R 4S4

The Skateboard Spot is a plaza-style skateboard park with long lines, lots of space and banks on either side.

This park is open during daylight hours weather permitting.

Safety Requirements 

Please remember our skate parks are designed for skateboarding.  You must sign a Liability Waiver before you can participate in any competition or organized program held by the City of Cambridge at the skate parks. 

Skaters Code of Conduct

1. All three parks are not supervised so use at your own risk.

2. Weather - Keep off any of the Skate Parks when wet or lightning conditions as it may affect the safe use of the skate park.

3. Safety First - Ride within your skill level.

4. Wear the Gear - Helmets are strongly recommended as well as knee pads, proper athletic shoes and other protective gear.

5. Take Turns - allow other skaters, regardless of their ability, to take a turn.  Keep your board under control.

6. No Park Changes - Intentional damage to or unauthorized park changes are prohibited.

7. Pets and Animals - Please keep animals off the area where skaters are.

8. Stash the Trash - use the litter bins for garbage.

9. Medical Emergency - Call 911

Legal Graffiti Wall

Cambridge has a legal graffiti wall located at the Riverside Rails Skate Park.  The designated space faces the skate park facility.