The City of Cambridge owns and maintains more than 70 playgrounds in the community. You can search for park and playground locations online.

Please note that playgrounds are not disinfected.

Please share your time on the playground to allow others who may be waiting for an opportunity to play when busy.

Child safety is fully dependent on appropriate adult supervision. To avoid injuries, we do not allow drawstrings, bike helmets or backpacks when using any play structure.

Qualified staff inspect our playgrounds regularly, however things can change after hours. To report a play equipment or grounds safety related concern, contact Service Cambridge (519) 623-1340.

Please note that, in accordance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, the City of Cambridge does not allow smoking and/or vaping within 20 metres of any playground or splash pad areas.


 Fully accessible rubber surfaced play structures are located in our larger community parks:

  • Churchill Park
  • Victoria Park (Galt)
  • Victoria Park (Hespeler)
  • Riverside Park

List of playgrounds

Below is a list of playground locations in the Cambridge community.

Hespeler community
  • Bechtel Park
  • Compass Trail Park
  • Equestrian Way Park
  • Forbes Park
  • Hespeler Public School
  • Hespelerview Parkette
  • Hillcrest Park
  • McVittie Park
  • Mattamy 1, Michigan Avenue Park
  • Mattamy 2, Apple Drive
  • Millpond Park
  • Optimist Park
  • Red Wildfong Park
  • Sault Park
  • Silverheights Park
  • Victoria Park (H)
  • Weaver Park
  • Wilford Parkette

Preston community

  • Arlington Park
  • Brent Park
  • Civic Park
  • Cyrus Park
  • Dyck Park
  • John Erb Park
  • Linden Dr. Park
  • Linear Park
  • Otto Klotz Park
  • Riverside, Front Area
  • Riverside, Kin Corners
  • Riverside, Splash Park Area
  • Studiman Park
  • Sturdy Park
North Galt community
  • A. Wayne Taylor Park
  • Clochmohr Park
  • Duncan Ferguson Park
  • Gail Street Park
  • Gord Chaplin Park
  • Grills Park
  • Greenway Park
  • Lions Can Amera Park
  • Northview Heights Lookout Park
  • Perbeck Park
  • Soper Park
  • Timber Creek Park
  • Vardon Park
  • Witmer Park
Southeast Galt community
  • Birkinshaw Park
  • Churchill Park
  • DeCaro Park
  • Gouda Place Park
  • Green Gate Park
  • Griffiths Park
  • Hill 60 Park
  • Lincoln Park
  • Paul Peters Park
  • Santa Maria Park
Southwest Galt community
  • Angewood Park
  • Byton Lane Park
  • Dickson Park
  • Domm Park
  • Fairlake Park
  • Hancock Park
  • Heise Park
  • Lynn Freure Park
  • Morva Rouse Park
  • Riverbluff's Park
  • Sim Court Park
  • Stirling MacGregor Park
  • Victoria Park (G)
  • Willard Park