If you're organizing a festival or an event on City property or a public roadway, we're here to help. The City of Cambridge has dedicated special event staff that will assist you throughout your event planning process. Our special event staff can answer your questions about food vendors, lighting, fireworks, security, tents, and alcohol at your event. 

Special Event Application Process

  1. If you have any questions or are a new event organizer you can contact our special event staff or call 519-623-1340 ext 4332.  
  2. Please complete the Special Event Application Form prior to making any plans. Once your application is submitted it will be reviewed by an event staff and they will be in touch with you to discuss your event. 
  3. If  your event is taking place in a park, the special event staff will assist you with the booking process after the application has been received. Your event location will be confirmed by City of Cambridge event staff.  Due to availability, your preferred location may not be available or suitable for your event.  
  4. A list of requirements/permissions/permits will be provided to you by special event staff.  Once requirements/permissions/permits are obtained, copies must be sent to the special event staff.
  5. Once copies of all event requirements/permissions/permits are submitted to and reviewed by the special event staff, you will receive a letter of approval and can proceed with your event. 

If you have questions about your event or have questions about how to run an event, please email our special event staff or call 519-623-1340 ext 4332. 

Special Event Application

Special Event Application

Please fill out the Special Event Application at least two months prior to your event (some events may require more of a  lead time) or get in contact with our special event staff if you have any questions prior to making plans.  You can email our special event staff or call 519-623-1340 ext 4332 prior to making any plans.  

Once your application is submitted it will be reviewed by an event staff and they will be in touch with you to discuss your event. 

 Looking to host your event in a park?

Many parks can be booked for your special event.  Search for a park to find out information including location and features.

Please include on your Special Event Application your preferred park location.  Please note event location will be confirmed by City of Cambridge event staff.  Due to availability, your preferred location may not be available or suitable for your event.  

Signature parks have limited availability and must be requested by September 1st of the previous calendar year your event will take place. Confirmation of space may take time as consideration of other annual bookings may need to be considered. Events taking place in signature parks, must meet certain criteria to be approved. Preferred parks are:

  • Riverside Park
  • Churchill Park
  • Dickson Park
  • Mill Race Park

To inquire about park availability, please email booking staff or call (519)623-1340 and ask to speak to a booking staff person. Events should not be advertised prior to booking a park. 

Want to host a block/street party?

Block/street parties commonly take place on sidewalks and/or public roadways.  These celebrations can be open to the public or can be private (by invitation only).  

Below is a list of common permits/approvals that may be required to host a street party.  Please note, permits and approvals may vary from event to event and permit fees may apply.

  • Road closure/sidewalk permit
  • Food and/or food truck permits
  • Music license
  • Inflatable approvals

The above permits/approvals may not be the only your event is required to obtained. A certificate of insurance is required for all events. 

Special Event Manual
Please refer to the Special Event Manual as it has been produced to guide event organizers through the risk management items put in place by the City of Cambridge. It is specifically tailored to meet the needs of events planned in Cambridge and contains details from the City of Cambridge’s Community Development Department, other City of Cambridge departments and other agencies in Cambridge. This document is a guide if you are planning a new event or looking to expand on an existing one. It does not contain all of the information that a special event may require but it provides the essential information to complete the risk management items required to host a special event on City of Cambridge property. It is intended to identify all of the planning issues that may relate to a City policies or procedural guidelines. 
 Event Planning Resources

Below are some commonly used event resources and websites event organizers may find useful:

Guide to Accessible Festivals and Outdoor Events

Application and Permit to hold a Special Event on a Municipal Road (for use of roadways, sidewalks, parking lots)

Municipal Alcohol Policy

Event Planning with Amusement Rides (TSSA)

Special Events Co-ordinator Form (Region of Waterloo Public Health - when events have more than one food vendors)

Special Event Form for Food Vendors (Region of Waterloo Public Health)

Food Truck License Application

Transient and Charitable Event Application (food for sale at events)

Application to Serve Food to the Public at No Charge (when food is free)

Special Occasion Permits (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario)

*Please note the above resources are not the only requirements/approvals your event may be asked to obtain. 

Please refer to the Special Event Manual for more details on the above resources.  

 Special Event Advisory Team
The City of Cambridge Special Event Advisory Team (SEAT) helps ensure events on City property are safe and enjoyable for the public. The SEAT reviews Special Event Applications and ensures event organizers have the information they need for City approval of an event. This committee consists of City of Cambridge special event staff, other City of Cambridge departments and other agencies in Cambridge (example: Waterloo Regional Police, Public Health). 
 Accessibility at Special Events

We encourage all event organizers to make their events as accessible as possible for all event attendees.  For assistance, support or for further information and resources on how to make your event accessible please contact the Accessibility and Diversity Services Division

Please refer to the Guide to Accessible Festivals and Outdoor Events during your event planning process to ensure full access to all patrons.

 Advertising Your Event

Community Event Calendar

The City of Cambridge has a community event calendar that you can submit your event to for free.