There are many community associations and organizations that support recreation and leisure activities in the City of Cambridge. The City is committed to creating a more equitable and inclusive community for all. Neighbourhood Associations support community development by creating accessible recreational and social programming.

Neighbourhood Associations

The City recognizes the diverse needs of each geographic neighbourhood. Each Neighbourhood Association provides programs and services to the community. 

View our map of neighbourhood associations.

Neighbourhood Associations in Cambridge

View the following list of neighbourhood associations in the Cambridge area:

Why do we have Neighbourhood Associations?

The City of Cambridge works in collaboration with Neighbourhood Associations in identifying and meeting the recreation needs of community residents. The Neighbourhood Associations provide a conduit for community engagement that ensures the City’s awareness of neighbourhood level concerns. Neighbourhood Associations enhance the wellbeing of community residents by responding and facilitating community level organizing to meet the varied needs of each geographic community that they support; this is done through a neighbourhood-based community development approach. The collaboration provides community access to decentralized and centralized recreation and social service program delivery throughout the City.

Neighbourhood-based Community Development

The Neighbourhood-based community approach includes a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common issues. Community Development, within Cambridge Neighbourhood Associations is known for credible, innovative, and deep grassroots community development. Community development is developing deep insight and knowledge of the needs and wishes of residents; reducing isolation; increasing connection; connectedness within the neighbourhoods; sharing systems and resources all while fostering the City of Cambridge’s goals in People, Place and Prosperity.