The City of Cambridge offers a number of great activities and recreation programs for kids.

City-run programs

Fall programs and activities will be available for view on Wednesday, August 18th. Registration will occur on Wednesday, August 25th.

PA Day - November 19

Join the City of Cambridge during the upcoming Professional Activity Day to keep your child active and engaged.

PA Day Activities
ProgramActivity #
John Dolson P.A. Day Camp – Ages 4 to 5 37478
John Dolson P.A. Day Camp – Ages 6 to 12 37480
Splash Swim - Johnson Pool 31227
Canadian Safety Council - Home Alone 27395
Noon Skate - Galt Arena 30330

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 Preschool Programs

We offer a number of programs for young children up to six years of age. Programs run year-round and operate in a safe and age-appropriate environment. We have arts and sports programs, as well as other programs with special themes. There is a good mix of 'on my own' programs and programs with caregiver participates.

 Children programs

Programs offered for children ages 6 to 12 are more specialized in nature. We offer a mix of programs from performing arts to fitness. Children will have the opportunity to make new friends, develop new skills and build a foundation for an active lifestyle.

 School break programs

The City offers many school break activities to keep your children entertained. These programs run during the December and March breaks, as well as on professional activity (PA) days.

We run children's programs at the following locations:

Healthy Kids Community Challenge

The Healthy Kids Community Challenge (HKCC) encourages communities to promote children and family health through exercise and healthy eating. Waterloo Region is one of 45 communities in Ontario to take part in the challenge.

The program is based on the EPODE program in Europe. The strength of the program comes from partnerships between the government, schools, and the community to develop common goals.

 Who coordinates the Healthy Kids Community Challenge?
The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care will fund the challenge for three years. The province will give funds to all participating communities so they can decide how to use the money to meet their needs.

You can view a list of regional challenge committee members.

 How does the Healthy Kids Community Challenge work?

Every nine months the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care will launch a new challenge theme. The new theme will relate to physical activity or healthy eating, the two keys of healthy living for children. Our job is to take the theme and work together to achieve the most success in our community as possible.

Learn more about how the Healthy Kids Community Challenge works.

 Why do we need the Healthy Kids Community Challenge?
A few of the things that children and families can gain from the Healthy Kids Community Challenge include:
  • Better knowledge and skills for staying active and eating well
  • Fewer barriers to make healthy choices
  • A safe and supportive environment making healthy choices easier
  • More connection to the community and more chances to get involved

Some of the ways community partners can benefit from the program include:

  • Expanding existing programs or start new ones to benefit the community
  • Increased business, program, or service exposure in the community
  • Opportunity to join forces with other community partners, benefiting all parties

See more reasons why the Healthy Kids Community Challenge is important.

 How do I participate in the Healthy Kids Community Challenge?

The second theme is Water Does Wonders, which was launched in the fall of 2016. This healthy eating theme encourages children and families to choose water to satisfy their thirst instead of sugar-sweetened beverages. Water is the most natural, healthy, and affordable beverage choice for children and families.

In 2016, the City of Cambridge was an active partner in The Healthy Kids Community Challenge.  As part of the "Water Works Wonders" campaign, Cambridge received 24 hydration stations at a value of $22,500.  This included the "The Sports Snack Challenge" (meant to encourage teams to have water and healthy snacks) and the live production "Water You Drinking?" (15 schools - 1,200 kids from grades 4-8.).

Tools and resources for supporting healthy eating and healthy beverage choices and details about theme two activities can be found on the Region of Waterloo's website.