The Bike Park is now open for the 2022 season! 

The Riverside Bike Park is in Riverside Park at 1850 Rogers Drive, Cambridge, ON.

The Bike Park operates from 9:00 a.m. to dusk. In accordance with The Smoke Free Ontario Act there is no smoking and/or vaping allowed within the Bike Park gates. In case of an emergency, call 911.

June is Recreation and Parks Month which is a movement that promotes the benefits of recreation and parks for physical, social, and environmental health. ParticipACTION's annual Community Better Challenge is a nationwide initiative that rallies communities to sit less and move more. The City of Cambridge is participating in both events and is encouraging residents to participate with us to reach our goal of being the most active community in Canada!

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 How can I find out if the Park is closed due to weather?
Check our Instagram page for the most up to date information #cbridgeyouth or email the Youth Coordinator at  You can also text or call 519-223-1383.
 What age do I have to be to ride the tracks?

Age Restrictions - Children under the age of 6 may only use the asphalt pump track and beginner track but must be under the supervision of an adult.  Ages 6-12 may use the entire bike park but must be under the supervision of an adult.

All riders must wear a helmet on all our bike trails.  We also strongly recommend elbow, knee and wrist guards.

 What are the trails like?

Please ride within your limits.  Review the Bike Park Map and pre-walk features before riding.  Practice extensively on beginner features before advancing to the intermediate track and advanced track.

Asphalt Pump Track map

Beginner Pump Track map

Intermediate Bike Track map

Advanced Bike Track map

 Safety Requirements

You must sign a waiver before you can participate in any competition or organized event held by the City of Cambridge at the bike park.

Know the Code - Ride Safely.  There are elements of risk in using this Bike Park that can be reduced by acting responsibly and following the Bikers Code: 

Bikers Code of Conduct

1. Hours of use - 9 a.m. - until dusk, weather permitting.

2. Weather - Keep off the bike park when wet/when lightning conditions may affect the safe use of the bike park.

3. Age Restrictions -Children under the age of 6 may only use the pump track and must be under the supervision of an adult.  Ages 6-12 may use the entire bike park but must be under the supervision of an adult.

4. Safety First - Ride within your skill level.

5. Wear the Gear - Helmets are mandatory.  Knee pads, proper athletic shoes and other protective gear are strongly recommended.

6. Take Turns - allow other bikers, regardless of their ability, to take a turn.  Keep your bike under control.

7. No Course Changes - Intentional damage to or unauthorized course changes are prohibited.

8. Bikes Only - No climbing, playing, motorized vehicles, scooters or RC cars on the track.

9. Pets and Animals - are not permitted in the bike park.

10. Stash the Trash - Use the litter bins for garbage.

11. Medical Emergency - Call 911.


The Bike Park is not supervised. All persons using this Bike Park do so at their own risk. The City of Cambridge is not responsible for and accepts no liability for any damage, loss, injury or death claimed or suffered by any person related to the access and use of this area.

Report all damages to: Park Operations, City of Cambridge (519) 623-1340