The 2022 Year in Review - Celebrating Our City highlights the achievements of our Council, staff and the many partners that have worked with the City over the past year.

Early in 2022, as the City continued to feel the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we remained focused on delivering the critical services and programs our community relies on. While some of our efforts had to be adjusted, reviewed, and at times deferred, the City continued to make important progress towards our vision of being a place for people to prosper - alive with opportunity.

Throughout the year, we prioritized our efforts on key projects and core services that our community identified were most important, guided by the Cambridge Connected Strategic Plan (2020-23) and the 2022 Cambridge Community Satisfaction Survey.

We are proud to share our progress with you and celebrate the success of our City. "As you read through this document it is my hope you take the opportunity to view it as a report card of our achievements during this past year. Council and staff worked together throughout 2022 implementing services and projects guided by our current Strategic Plan. This work kept us grounded as we continued to move forward all the while endeavouring to achieve the visionary goal of making Cambridge a better place to live, work, play, innovate and invest." - Jan Liggett, Mayor of the City of Cambridge

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 City of Cambridge 2022 Year in Review cover

The Year in Review is a key component of the City’s corporate performance management framework, ensuring that the City is transparent and accountable to the public and other stakeholders on an ongoing basis.

The report communicates the City’s achievements as they relate to the 13 strategic actions of the Cambridge Connected Strategic Plan and our ongoing delivery of core services. It also highlights the progress related our public value principles - sustainability, leadership, collaboration, transparency, and engagement. Browse through some highlights in our photo gallery below.

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2019 marked another significant and exciting year for the City of Cambridge.  Staff and City Council, along with our community, continued to work hard to make our city the best possible place to work and live in southern Ontario.

A full report was presented to City Council on February 04, 2020 on these accomplishments and initiatives.  

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Community Wellbeing

Feature: How working together keeps the community prepared.


Parks & Recreation

Feature: How community programs build community connections.


Economic Development & Tourism

Feature: Strong foundations for the city of the future.

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 Prior to 2019, the Year In Review information was captured in the Annual Report. For current and past annual reports, visit