Project Overview

The new outdoor soccer complex will have multiple natural and artificial soccer fields, a washroom/changeroom building, parking lot, internal trails and playground.  The soccer complex will be located at 880 Linden Drive (corner of Fountain St and Linden Dr.), situated between the Blair and Preston areas of Cambridge, and in close proximity to highway 401. 

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2021 – Design / Consultation / Approvals

2021 – Tender & Contract Award

2021-2022 - Construction

Progress to date

Due diligence archaeological and environmental studies were undertaken summer 2018 through fall 2019.  Property purchase was completed March 2020. Design and consultation is currently underway.  

Upcoming work

  • Complete the public consultation process and finalize the design based on feedback collected
  • Council approval of the final design
  • Site Plan Approval, agencies review and approval
  • Tender

Study area

Site Location Map of Soccer Complex - 880 Linden Drive

Get involved

We want to hear from you! Please view our presentation and fill out the accompanying survey. The survey will be open for comments until end of business day, Monday, April 12, 2021.

Contact information

Shane Taylor, OALA, CSLA

Landscape Architect

Community Development Department

City of Cambridge

(519) 740-4681 x4567