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Allendale Road Reconstruction and Intermarket Road Construction


The City of Cambridge will be proceeding with the reconstruction of Allendale Road from Fountain Street to the future Intermarket Road. The majority of the work on Allendale Road will be completed under City Contract T20-51 with some works under Contract T20-50 (Intermarket Road). The works include installation of watermain, storm and sanitary sewer. Surface works will include new concrete curb and gutter, a new pavement structure and asphalt multi-use trails will be installed on both sides of the right-of-way. Under Contract T20-50 a new roundabout at the intersection of Intermarket Road and Allendale Road will be constructed and new concrete curb and gutters, new pavement  structure and storm sewers will be extended west of the new intersection.


Planned Construction start date: October 26, 2020.



Notices to residents

Contact Information

Alex Nichols
Project Engineer
City of Cambridge
(519) 623-1340 ext. 4606

Roseview Ave. and Gladstone Ave.


Reconstruction of Roseview Avenue from Wellington Street to Oxford Street, Roseview Avenue from Oxford Street to Cambridge Street, and Gladstone Avenue from Parkwood Drive to Berkley Road. The work includes the construction of approximately 318m of 200mm diameter watermain, 186m of 300mm diameter watermain, 5m of 350mm diameter watermain, 387m of 300mm to 525mm diameter storm sewer, 480m of 200mm to 250mm diameter sanitary sewer, 4140 m2 of asphalt roadway, 1595 m2 of concrete sidewalk, 965m of concrete curb and gutter and other miscellaneous works for the reconstruction of Roseview Avenue and Gladstone Avenue.


  • Construction is scheduled to begin on April 24, 2023


  • Roseview Ave: No progress to date.
  • Gladstone Ave: No progress to date.

Notices to Residents

Contact Information

Matt Holland
Project Engineer
City of Cambridge
(519) 623-1340 ext.4751

T21-103 Sanitary Sewer Main CIPP Lining Contract - Citywide


The City of Cambridge will be proceeding with the rehabilitation of existing sanitary sewer mains on various streets across the City as part of the 2022 Sewer main Rehabilitation program. Sewer mains will be rehabilitated using a Trenchless (“Minimal Dig”) Technology method which will require a minimized amount of excavation. All non PVC sewer services from the sewer main to property line within working limits will be replaced. The following locations are included in this year’s rehabilitation program (refer to location figure file below for additional details):The rehabilitation of 998m of Sewer mains sizes ranging from 200mm-300mm Citywide, primarily using cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining and includes lining or renewal of estimated 83 sanitary services and other miscellaneous works, for the rehabilitation of defective sewer mains.

Sewer main rehabilitation locations and figures:

1. Queenston St(Eagle St. S. to Argyle St N.)

2. Utility Corridor (Alison St. to Franklin Blvd through 500 Franklin Blvd)

3. Parkwood Drive (Salisbury Ave to Hillcrest St.)


Planned construction start date: July 4, 2022


  • Queenston St Sanitary Sewer main and Services – 70% complete
  • Parkwood Cres. Sanitary Sewer Main and Services – 70% Complete
  • Alison Ave and Franklin Blvd Easement Sanitary Sewer main  -100% Complete 

Notice to Residents

  • None at this time

Contact Information

Prasad Samarakoon
Project Engineer
City of Cambridge
519-623-1340 ext. 4539

Frequently Asked Questions Re: City Construction Projects

Where can I park and how will access be maintained?

During reconstruction, it will be necessary to close the road to all but local traffic. Access to private property will be maintained as best as possible, but it will be at your own risk as you will be traveling through a construction zone. For times when you do not have access to your property, alternative parking arrangements should be made. Overnight parking will be permitted on adjacent streets, but you will need to abide by all other existing parking restrictions (i.e. don’t block a driveway, don’t park too close to a fire hydrant, don’t park where parking is prohibited, etc.). City staff/representatives will provide more information regarding alternative parking when these situations occur.

Will water service be impacted?

In order to maintain your water service during reconstruction, a temporary above ground watermain will be installed. Temporary service will be connected directly at property line and will still be metered during construction.

Some interruptions to your water service will occur throughout the reconstruction. All planned interruptions should be temporary and occur during normal working hours. You will be notified prior to any planned interruption in order to give you an opportunity to draw sufficient water for personal use until your water is turned back on. You should always keep a small supply of water on hand in case an unscheduled emergency shut down is required.

What are the limits of service upgrades?

Water and sanitary services to individual properties will be upgraded to current standards between the mains and property line during the reconstruction. Any replacement, upgrading or installation of new services on private property between the street line and the building is the responsibility of the property owner. Work on private property requires a plumbing permit application to the City’s building division, for individuals considering private side works. Additional information can be found at:

How will my driveway be restored?

When reconstructing the sidewalk or curb, it may be necessary to cut back some driveways to match the new grade. If this is the case, the driveway will be saw-cut, and a patch placed using the same material if possible. Impressed or coloured concrete driveways cannot be replaced to match the original, which is also the case with paving stone driveways (unless the owner has a supply of matching stones that the contractor could use).

What if I have a landscaping or sprinkler system on the City's right of way?

In some locations, shrubs, hedges, and fences may encroach into the City Road allowance which can be an issue when installing new infrastructure. If this is the case adjacent to your property you will be asked to relocate the garden, hedge, etc. onto your property prior to construction taking place.

If you have a sprinkler system installed along the edge of the sidewalk or curb, please remove the piping prior to construction as the contractor and city will not be responsible for damages. You may have it reinstalled after construction is completed if you wish.

How will garbage/blue box/green box collection be maintained?

Blue box, green box and refuse collection will be maintained throughout the duration of construction. When access is restricted by construction operations, the construction crew will place the blue boxes, green boxes and refuse containers at a location accessible by the collection service on collection days. To minimize problems during construction, it would be appreciated if all refuse is bagged – yard waste in paper bags, household garbage in plastic bags. Please ensure that your address is clearly marked on your refuse containers, blue boxes and green boxes.

What if I have special needs?

If someone in your home has physical disabilities or special needs for access to your property, please contact the City’s project manager so that we can minimize the access restrictions where possible.

Why am I being contacted concerning pre-condition inspections?

Due to the nature of this construction project and the possibility of minor vibrations in the construction area, a pre-condition inspection of some homes in the vicinity of the construction area will be completed. The contractor has retained a sub-contractor to do these inspections. The sub-contractor will be contacting you if your home is within the area where a pre-condition survey is recommended.

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