The City of Cambridge issues parking permits for some areas of the city and parking exemption requests.

Lot Permits

Permit parking is available in many parking lots in Cambridge's downtown core areas. We issue permits that are only valid for one specific parking lot. Only a limited number of permits are available for each parking lot, issued on a first come, first served basis. We maintain a waiting list for sold out parking lots.

The City offers Daytime, Residential, Commercial(24H) and temporary permits. 

Annual monthly permits can be paid for as a lump sum by debit, credit or by monthly invoicing. 

Temporary permits are available for as little as one day, and up to three months. Temporary permits must be paid for in advance and are valid from the date of purchase.

2024 parking permit rates range from $62 to $110/month and can be purchased from the City Hall Service Counter. Additionally, each core area has one or more 12-hour free lots as an economical option for core area workers.

To apply for a Residential, Daytime or Commercial (24H) permit, applications can be found below:

To apply for a temporary parking permit, please contact Service Cambridge.


Visit a core area parking page for public lots in your area:

Galt City Centre

Hespeler Village

Preston Towne Centre

Temporary On-Street Permits

Downtown Areas

The City of Cambridge offers on-street parking permits to individuals and contractors who are conducting renovations to a building in the downtown core areas. There is a set fee per parking space ($15) for each day a vehicle occupies the space.  For vehicle only on-street permits can be arranged 3 or more business days in advance through

Residential Areas

Limited on-street parking exemptions are available for guests.


If on-street spaces are used for storage bins, unhitched trailers, cranes, heavy vehicles or other obstructions, a Highway Occupancy Permit is required in addition to parking permits.

 Accessible Parking Permits
Cambridge has reserved accessible spaces on and off street throughout the core areas.  Accessible spaces are subject to the same rates and regulations as regular spaces.

Vehicles that do not clearly display a valid accessible parking permit at all times when parked in a designated accessible parking space are subject to a $301 parking fine in addition to any location or time specific fines.


Service Ontario issues accessible parking permits. Pick up an accessible parking permit application at:

Service Ontario Drivers Vehicle Licence Bureau

561 Hespeler Road

Cambridge, ON N1R 6J4