The City of Cambridge has a joint Ombudsman with the other municipalities within Waterloo region named the Waterloo Area Municipal Ombuds Office.

The Ombudsman is a last-resort option for members of the public to bring forward unresolved complaints when all other internal complaint processes have been exhausted. The municipal Ombudsman is an impartial investigator who makes recommendations to improve public services.

The municipal Ombudsman will:

  • Independently receive, review and investigate complaints when all other avenues have been exhausted; and
  • Act at an arm's length from the City and Council but will provide an annual report of its activities as well as reports resulting from investigations.

If you have a complaint:

  • Have you already contacted the municipality about the problem? If not, the municipal Ombudsman may refer you back to the appropriate local officials. Help will be provided if the issue is not responded to.
  • Can you provide information about the issue and the steps you've taken to address the problem?

Complaints to the Ombudsman can be made through the Waterloo Area Municipal Ombuds Office.

Contact the Waterloo Area Municipal Ombuds Office
1 (888) 224-2488