The City of Cambridge is constructing a multi-use trail along the south side of Dunbar Road from Concession Road to Hespeler Road.

The trail will close a gap in the cycling network and connect to existing infrastructure along Conestoga Blvd, Concession Rd, and future infrastructure along Hespeler Road. The project is primarily funded through a grant from the Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling (OMCC) program(External link).

The project proposes a 3.0m asphalt multi-use trail along the south side of Dunbar Road by narrowing sections of the road and will also include traffic calming elements, designated parking areas, and provide road crossing opportunities.

Construction for Phase 1 (Concession Rd to Industrial Rd) is expected to begin on March 22, 2021 and will finish around May 13, 2021.  

  • Dunbar Road will be closed to all eastbound traffic for the duration of the project
  • On-street parking will be temporarily prohibited on Dunbar Road during the lane closure. Alternative parking options are available on the following streets: St. George St., Pine St., Holley Cres., Eastdowns Dr., Biscayne Dr., Daleview Cres. 
  • Although parking time limits will be exempt on these streets, all other signed and unsigned parking restrictions will apply (i.e. no parking within 9m of an intersection, 1m of a driveway, 3m of a fire hydrant, in excess of 15cm from the curb, etc.

Construction for Phase 2 (Industrial Rd to Hespeler Rd is TBD).

The final design and additional information from the PIC can be viewed below

Contact information

Lisa Chominiec

Sustainable Transportation Coordinator

City of Cambridge

519-623-1340 ext. 4619