A year long review of public parking in the three Downtown Core Areas was conducted with final recommendations presented at the October 31, 2017 Council Meeting.


The current Core Area Parking System is functioning poorly and will become more problematic in future years.  Key issues include:

  • Poor user understanding of the free parking period in pay & display lots
  • Misuse of 2 hour free parking (reprinting of vouchers/ relocating of vehicles)
  • Poor utilization and distribution of parking
  • Lack of enforcement
  • Lack of capacity to support intensification
  • Parking system lacks financial sustainability


Changes Coming 2018 

  • Elimination of the hybrid free + paid parking system
  • Pay by Plate & Mobile Pay parking in Dickson Street Lot (Galt), west Mill Street Lot (Galt), and King Street Lot (Preston)
  • 2 Hour Free only parking in Water Street Lot 2 (Galt) and east Mill Street Lot (Galt)
  • 2 Hour Free only parking in most of Westminster Drive Lot (Preston) in addition to 6 single space parking metres for long term parking
  • Renaming of the Water Street Lots from #1 and #2 to North and South

 maps showing new 2 hour free and paid only parking in Galt and Preston

Future initiatives include a Hespeler Parking Needs Study

Additional Materials

Business/Property Owner Consultation Centre September 18th 2017 presentation boards

Overview presentation to Council October 31st, 2017