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Celebrate Cambridge's 50th Anniversary!

Join your community members, local businesses, and City officials in celebrating Cambridge's 50th Anniversary!

From local art exhibits and public events to photography contests and restaurant promotions, you won't want to miss out on any of this year's activities.

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A City Founded on Heritage

Here's how our community came to be...

The City of Cambridge was formed when the City of Galt, the Town of Preston, the Town of Hespeler, and the Village of Blair were amalgamated in January 1973. To this day, community members still identify closely with their original municipalities. Residents play a key role in preserving our heritage as we progress into a unified and prosperous city. 

For our 50th Anniversary year, we honour the people, places, and stories that shaped Cambridge into this place we call home. Click below to learn more about the histories that make our community. 

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The Cambridge Experience: Things to See, Taste, Learn, and Explore

Cambridge’s diversity is reflected in stories as well as throughout the sights and experiences found across the City.

For Cambridge’s 50th Anniversary year, we’re celebrating the beauty of our architectural and natural environments, our booming restaurant industry, our inspiring arts and cultural scenes, and the history and heritage that shaped our community. Join in on the conversations on Instagram and Twitter with four hashtags:



Dedicated to Cambridge's historic architecture and sprawling parklands, trails, and conservation areas


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Dedicated to Cambridge's mouthwatering dining scene featuring over 100 restaurants.


Dedicated to Cambridge's Museums, history, and heritage.

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