The City's Business Plan is one of the key tools within the corporate performance management framework established by the City's Strategic Plan – Cambridge Connected. The strategic plan envisions the direction and goals of the City, and establishes guidelines and actions to achieve those goals. The business plan is intended to help the City reach our strategic actions, maintain and improve the City’s core services, and ensure resources are appropriately allocated to the City’s priorities.

The objective of the City’s business planning process is to be relevant, timely, forward looking and integrated into other corporate planning and reporting cycles. The business planning cycle is aligned with the City’s budget process, to ensure financial and staff resources are allocated so that the annual work plan initiatives can be accomplished successfully.

Business plan information is published annually in the Budget and Business Plan for Council, residents and staff.

View the 2024 Budget and Business Plan detailed document.

What does the Business Plan do?

Developed under the guidance of the Corporate Leadership Team, Senior Management Team and staff across the corporation, the City's Business Plan provides further direction to all staff at the City and is a resource tool for both the public and Council. 

The Business Plan provides: 

  • An overview of the corporate structure
  • Detailed information for each supporting department and division
  • A listing of the core services provided
  • A detailed work plan that links key departmental/divisional initiatives with strategic actions or core service improvements 

The business plan focuses on initiatives that are above and beyond the core services delivered to the community as part of the day-to-day operations of the City.