Project Overview

The City of Cambridge has initiated an Environmental Assessment (EA) Study for a transportation assessment of Beverly Street between Dundas Street North and Elgin Street North.  The proposed improvements will accommodate all road users, respecting the built-up area and existing constraints while matching the community design objectives. The Beverly Street Transportation Assessment EA is being conducted as a Schedule ‘B’ project under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (2007), as amended in 2015. The Study will complete all necessary phases of the Municipal Class EA to receive environmental clearance for construction.


The Class EA will be completed in 2019. Upon completion of the Class EA the detailed design and approvals stage of the project will commence.

Progress to Date

EA Project File Final Draft has been completed.

Draft Study Design has been completed.

Public Consultation Centre #1 and Community Café occurred on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Public Consultation Centre #2 occurred on Wednesday, June 27, 2018

File the Project File (June 2019)

Report to Council (May 2019)

Upcoming Work

Currently completing detailed design, expected completion Dec 2020

Study Area

 Study area diagram highlighting Beverly St from Dundas St to Samuelson St

Documents, reports and updates 

Contact Information

Dennis Lopes C.E.T.
Senior Civil Engineering Technologist
City of Cambridge
T.: (519) 621-0740 Ext. 4324

Steve Taylor, P.Eng.
EA Project Manager
BT Engineering
T.: (519) 672-2222